Best Personal Finance Podcasts of 2024

Discovering the best personal finance podcasts can be overwhelming, with over 3 million options available. Fortunately, we’ve done the research for you.

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Listed below are our top 12 personal finance podcasts, broken down by category. These podcasts will equip you with the knowledge to tackle debt, boost your earnings, and maximize your savings.

  • Best for Beginners: So Money
  • Best for Getting Out of Debt: The Dave Ramsey Show
  • Best for Investing: We Study Billionaires
  • Best for Entrepreneurship: The Tim Ferriss Show
  • Best for Passive Income: Smart Passive Income
  • Best for Financial Independence: Financial Independence
  • Best for Millennials: Millennial Money
  • Best for Cryptocurrency: The Pomp Podcast
  • Best for Controversial Money Topics: Death, Sex & Money
  • Best for College Students: The College Investor
  • Best for Women: Her Money
  • Best for Real Estate: BiggerPockets

Best Personal Finance Podcasts for 2024

1. Best for Beginners: So Money

The So Money podcast, hosted by Farnoosh Torabi, aims to equip personal finance novices with practical advice. Torabi taps into the knowledge of renowned business and finance experts through engaging interviews that cover a wide array of topics.

With new episodes released three times a week, listeners can expect a diverse range of discussions, including everything from credit cards to fundamental money management skills.

The podcast’s success is evident through its numerous awards and recognition as one of the top podcasts for women by Entrepreneur. So Money is perfect for those seeking to expand their financial literacy through real-life stories and expert insights.

2. Best for Getting Out of Debt: The Davey Ramsey Show

The Dave Ramsey Show is also a great podcast for beginners, but Dave Ramsey is best known for helping people get and stay out of debt. If you’ve been struggling in this area, then you should definitely check it out.

Listeners appreciate Ramsey’s straightforward approach to talking about money. And his snowball method approach to paying down debt can be applied to student loans, credit card debt, or your mortgage.

The podcast also highlights stories of listeners who have paid off massive amounts of debt. So you’ll receive both practical financial advice and inspiration to keep moving forward.

3. Best for Investing: We Study Billionaires

Acquiring new skills requires studying the masters, and this is precisely the objective of the We Study Billionaires podcast. The hosts discuss the investment strategies of prominent figures such as Warren Buffett and simplify them for listeners to incorporate into their own investing practices.

By examining the strategies of successful individuals, the podcast provides valuable insights to help listeners grow their knowledge and make informed investment decisions.

4. Best for Entrepreneurship: The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is a well-known figure in the entrepreneurship world and the author of the highly acclaimed book, “The Four-Hour Workweek.” His podcast, one of the most popular on iTunes, is a must-listen for those interested in the subject.

Ferriss conducts in-depth interviews with leading personalities such as Katie Couric, Seth Godin, and Brene Brown, providing a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Although, keep in mind that the episodes can be lengthy, typically exceeding two hours, so it may be best to pace yourself and spread them out over a few days.

5. Best for Passive Income: Smart Passive Income

If you’re looking for ways to earn more money in 2024, then you need to check out Smart Passive Income. Pat Flynn knows all about how to make money online, and fortunately for us, he doesn’t keep this knowledge to himself.

After becoming a successful blogger, Flynn launched this podcast to teach others how to build profitable businesses. Every week, he interviews business leaders like Gary Vaynerchuck, Ramit Sethi, and more.

But you don’t have to be an experienced entrepreneur to enjoy this podcast. These interviews will teach you how to be more productive, market yourself online, and grow your income.

6. Best for Financial Independence: Financial Independence

If you’ve been involved in the personal finance community for a while, then you may be familiar with the term “FIRE.” This stands for financial independence, retire early. This podcast explores these topics in-depth and interviews individuals that are well-known within the FIRE community.

However, you will probably still enjoy the podcast even if you don’t want to retire early. This podcast is designed for anyone interested in exploring financial freedom and finding more happiness in their daily lives.

7. Best for Millennials: Millennial Money

Certified financial planner Shannah Compton Game hosts Millennial Money. Game interviews leading industry experts and offers her own tips on popular money topics. The show covers things like managing money, credit cards, traveling, and more.

This personal finance podcast isn’t focused on showing you how to increase your income or do more. But rather, how to make the most of what you’re already doing.

8. Best for Cryptocurrency: The Pomp Podcast

Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano is one of the biggest names in crypto. Pomp talks to some of the most interesting people in business, finance, and Bitcoin.

His list of guests includes billionaires and cultural icons, such as Mark Cuban, Chamath Palihapitiya, Raoul Pal, Cathie Wood, Anthony Scaramucci, Robert Kiyosaki, PlanB, Kevin O’Leary, and many more.

9. Best for Controversial Money Topics: Death, Sex & Money

Death, Sex & Money won’t give you tangible tips and tricks about how to manage your finances. Instead, it’s an intriguing look at how these taboo topics impact people’s lives.

The host interviews celebrities and everyday individuals about difficult topics relating to money and hardship. In particular, the show did a standalone series on student loan debt that you might find interesting.

10. Best for College Students: The College Investor

These days, college students and recent graduates have a lot going against them. Student loan debt is at an all-time high, and they have to deal with starting a career and managing money for the first time.

If you fall into this category, The College Investor may be a good place for you to start. The episodes are very short and easy to listen to when you’re on the go. And while the podcast is aimed at college students, individuals of all ages can benefit from the content.

11. Best for Women: Her Money

Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough women represented in the personal finance space? If so, then you should check out Her Money. Best-selling author Jean Chatsky hosts the show, and it focuses on financial challenges that women specifically face. Women listening will get a better sense of how to take control of their career and financial life going forward.

12. Best for Real Estate: BiggerPockets

The BiggerPockets Podcast is hosted by Brandon Turner, David Greene, and BiggerPockets founder Joshua Dorkin. The podcast provides actionable advice and true stories from real estate investors every Thursday and Sunday. 

BiggerPockets also provides invaluable resources, books, and a huge community on their website. If you’re into real estate investing you’re definitely going to want to check it out.


Hopefully, these 12 podcasts will get you off to a good start on your financial journey in 2024. Personal finance podcasts can help you understand difficult financial topics and consider issues you weren’t interested in before.

However, while podcasts are helpful, they shouldn’t be considered a replacement for professional financial advice. Take the information you learn with a grain of salt, and always consider the host’s credentials before taking action on anything you learn.

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