Press Kit

Press Kit

Download official Crediful logos, badges, mock-ups, and other branding material.
  • #41A6DC
  • #F9F9FA
  • #111111

We encourage you to use the official Crediful color palette when displaying our logo or related marks. In most cases on both lighter and darker background, the authentic Crediful blue should generally be used. When this is not possible, we ask that you use our specified grays.

Standalone Logos

Our logo is what defines us as a brand. We ask that you do not modify or use our logo in a way that may misrepresent us or our relationship with your company. This includes suggesting that your product is sponsored or endorsed by Crediful.

If you are unsure whether or not your use of our logo is a violation of our brand guideline, please contact us.



Black & White

Brand Mock-ups

Download a collection of branded mock-up images which are copyright and royalty free.