15 Best Places to Sell Used Furniture Online

Many people are looking for ways to earn extra money but feel like they don’t have the time for a side hustle. However, you may be overlooking one of the easiest ways to bring in some extra cash. You could sell furniture online that you don’t want anymore.

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That recliner that’s been sitting in your garage for the past six months doesn’t have to end up at the dump. There are probably plenty of buyers who would be interested in taking it off your hands.

Selling used furniture is a great way to declutter your home and bring in some extra money on the side. And with the right website or app, the entire selling process can be easy.

15 Best Places to Sell Used Furniture Online

If the idea of hosting a garage sale sounds less than appealing, you’re not alone. There are dozens of websites available that make selling used furniture a much easier process. Here are the top 15 places to sell used furniture for cash:

1. Craigslist

Chances are you’ve heard of Craigslist before, but it received the top spot on this list for a reason. Craigslist is still one of the most highly visited classified sites, so it’s a great option for anyone who wants to sell used furniture locally.

And Craigslist is a good way to get in touch with local buyers in your area. Getting started with Craigslist is easy, and you can list your items for free.

However, since Craigslist caters to local buyers, there are no shipping options through the site. So if you need to ship something, you’ll have to make those arrangements with the buyer and pay for it yourself.

2. Shopify

If you want to sell furniture as a side hustle, you’ll want to consider an option like Shopify. Shopify provides everything you need to set up your business, including payment options, shipping, and even marketing and SEO.

With Shopify, you’ll create your own online storefront to sell your items. But don’t let this step intimidate you if you don’t consider yourself a particularly tech-savvy person.

Shopify provides plenty of pre-made templates, and their customer service representatives are always available to answer questions. You will have to pay a monthly fee to use Shopify, but it’s worth it, considering all the features the company provides.

3. Bonanza

Bonanza is another great place to sell your furniture for cash. It offers the best of both worlds; it’s a marketplace and an online store. The site is considered a popular alternative to places like eBay or Amazon.

When you sign up for Bonanza, you’ll receive a $100 Google Ads credit. And you have the option to feature your Bonanza listings on Etsy and eBay as well.

Bonanza doesn’t charge listings fees, but you will pay a 3.5% service fee for each item you sell. You can see examples of how pricing works on the company’s website.

4. Bookoo

Bookoo is a site that focuses on connecting sellers to local buyers. It’s a viable option if you’re looking to sell your furniture for cash occasionally but don’t want to turn it into a business.

The nice thing about Bookoo is that it feels more personal than sites like Craigslist. There’s a greater sense of community, and it connects you with buyers in the same area as you.

You’ll get started by creating a Bookoo account. Once your account is set up, you can list an unlimited number of items on the website.

5. Etsy

Contrary to popular opinion, Etsy is not just a place for selling handmade jewelry and art. It’s an online marketplace where you can sell your used furniture and many other items. To start selling, you’ll set up an Etsy shop.

However, Etsy does differentiate itself by advertising unique, one-of-a-kind items. So if you want your furniture to gain traction on Etsy, it will need to stand out in some way.

One thing to keep in mind is that Etsy does charge several fees, including listing fees, transaction fees, and payment processing fees. So, you’ll have to consider your goals and whether the fees are worth it to you.

6. eBay

eBay is one of the most well-known sites for selling items online. It’s fairly easy to list your items on eBay and get your account going. Once you’ve set up your eBay account, you can sell your furniture by auction or at a fixed price.

One thing to keep in mind about eBay is that the company charges a 13% selling fee on the final selling price for all furniture sold. You can choose either local pickup or you can ship items to buyers.

7. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great way to connect with local buyers. It’s completely free to use, making it one of the best options for people who want to sell furniture online.

You can boost your listing’s visibility by promoting it on local garage sale pages. And what’s nice about Facebook Marketplace is that you can see exactly who you’re selling your items to.

8. eBid

eBid allows you to sell used furniture via auction or at a fixed price. You can even upload any items you’re already selling on Amazon or eBay. And the site charges low commission fees of 3% per item sold.

You can also purchase a lifetime eBid membership for $50, which would reduce your long-term selling fees if you use the platform a lot.

9. OfferUp

OfferUp is another site that focuses on buying and selling furniture locally. The listings are organized by category, and if a buyer clicks on one of the items you’re selling, the site allows them to see other items you have for sale as well.

One of the advantages of using OfferUp is that you can list items using either the website or the company’s app. All you have to do is include a photo, pricing, and a description of the item, and you’re ready to get started.

10. AptDeco

AptDeco offers a specialized platform for those looking to sell high-quality, gently used furniture. It’s particularly suitable for sellers who have well-maintained, stylish pieces.

The process begins with a free listing, allowing you to showcase your items at no initial cost. AptDeco enhances the appeal of your listings by adding detailed descriptions and relevant information, ensuring your furniture is presented attractively to potential buyers.

While listing is free, AptDeco does charge a 23% commission fee upon sale. This fee covers a range of services, including secure payment processing, customer support, and the convenience of a hassle-free selling experience.

11. Chairish

Chairish is a unique platform catering specifically to those interested in selling vintage, antique, and high-quality contemporary furniture. This site is ideal for sellers looking to reach a market of design enthusiasts and collectors.

Chairish handles much of the logistics, including shipping arrangements, but they do charge a 20% commission fee on sales. The platform is known for its curated aesthetic, making it a great place for selling distinctive and higher-end pieces.

12. 1stdibs

1stdibs stands out as a premier marketplace for antique and modern furniture. It caters to a more upscale market, including interior designers and collectors. Sellers on 1stdibs typically deal in rare and luxury items, and the site provides a global reach.

There is a vetting process for sellers, ensuring that only high-quality items are listed. While the commission fees and listing processes are more rigorous than other platforms, 1stdibs offers access to a discerning and affluent customer base.

13. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is another excellent option for those looking to sell vintage furniture. This platform is known for its focus on quality and uniqueness, making it perfect for sellers with rare or collectible items.

Ruby Lane charges a maintenance fee based on the number of items listed and a service fee on sales. It’s a great choice for sellers who specialize in vintage and antique pieces and want to reach a dedicated community of buyers.

14. Kaiyo

Kaiyo focuses on sustainability by selling used furniture that’s in excellent condition. They offer a white-glove service to pick up, clean, and list your furniture.

While Kaiyo handles much of the selling process, they do take a significant portion of the sale price as their fee. This platform is ideal for those who want a hassle-free way to sell high-quality furniture and are willing to share the profits for convenience and eco-friendly disposal.

15. Sotheby’s Home

Sotheby’s Home specializes in selling high-end, designer, and antique furniture. Ideal for luxury and unique pieces, this platform targets an audience appreciative of quality and craftsmanship. Your items are curated and presented with professional photography and detailed descriptions.

While Sotheby’s operates on a commission basis reflective of its premium service, it offers access to a sophisticated market of collectors and design enthusiasts, ensuring your exclusive furniture finds the right buyer.

Other Places to Sell Old Furniture

Here are some other places you may want to consider selling your furniture:

  • Garage sales – While garage sales may seem like a lot of work, selling old furniture right from your home means you don’t have to deal with shipping.
  • Furniture stores – There are some stores that buy used furniture in good condition. Some of them will even pick it up from your home.
  • Consignment shops – Some online consignment shops will buy the used furniture from you for a fixed price, while others will display it for a specific time frame and pay you a percentage of the sale price when it sells.
  • Antique shops – Selling vintage furniture? Your best bet might be an antique store.

Tips for Selling Furniture Online

Selling furniture online can be a lucrative venture if done right. Here are some essential tips to help you effectively sell furniture online, covering pricing strategies, photography, descriptions, and negotiation tactics.

1. Pricing Strategies

  • Research market prices: Look up similar items on various platforms to gauge the going rate. Pricing your furniture competitively while ensuring a fair return is key.
  • Consider condition and rarity: Adjust your price based on the condition of the furniture and its rarity or uniqueness.
  • Be open to negotiation: Set your price slightly higher to leave room for negotiation, but be realistic about the maximum value of your item.

2. Photography Tips

  • Use natural light: Photograph your furniture in natural light to accurately show its color and texture.
  • Multiple angles: Take photos from multiple angles, including close-ups of any unique features or imperfections.
  • Staging: Stage the furniture in a clean, well-decorated space to show potential buyers how it can look in their home.
  • Consistent background: Use a consistent and clutter-free background for all your photos to give a professional look.

3. Writing Compelling Descriptions

  • Be detailed and honest: Provide detailed descriptions, including dimensions, material, color, and any history or brand information. Honesty about any wear and tear can build trust with buyers.
  • Highlight unique features: Point out what makes your furniture special, such as its vintage value, designer, or unique craftsmanship.
  • Use keywords: Use relevant keywords in your description to make it easier for buyers to find your listing through search.

4. Negotiating with Buyers

  • Be polite and professional: Always communicate in a polite and professional manner, regardless of the buyer’s approach.
  • Know your bottom line: Be clear on the lowest price you’re willing to accept, and be prepared to walk away if an offer doesn’t meet it.
  • Offer bundles: If you’re selling multiple items, consider offering a discount for buying multiple pieces as an incentive.
  • Be responsive: Prompt responses can keep a buyer interested and show that you are a serious seller.

Additional Tips

  • Clear policies: State your policies on returns, shipping, or pick-ups clearly in the listing.
  • Update listings regularly: Keep your listings updated and refresh them periodically to ensure they remain visible to buyers.
  • Use social media: Leverage social media platforms to widen your reach and find potential buyers.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of a successful sale and ensure a positive experience for both you and the buyer. Remember, the key to selling furniture online is not just about making a sale, but also about building trust and reputation as a reliable seller.

Bottom Line

Selling used furniture online is an easy way to make money online. You can use any one of the sites outlined in this article to get started.

Make sure you do your homework and choose the site that will work best for what you’re trying to accomplish. For instance, if you’re just looking to sell a couple of items to local buyers, it may not be worth your time to set up a Shopify or Etsy account.

When it comes to selling furniture online, make sure you provide a good photo of the items. If your images are grainy or difficult to see, you may not have as much luck selling it at your desired price. And make sure you provide an accurate description, so potential buyers will understand what they’re getting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best site to sell furniture?

The best site depends on what kind of furniture, and what kind of selling process you are looking for. If you want to sell furniture locally, Craigslist, OfferUp, and Facebook are suitable options. If you wish to try an auction, try eBay and eBid.

What is the fastest way to sell my furniture?

Using a local marketplace app is probably the quickest way to sell furniture online. If you’re willing to negotiate on price, you can sell it even quicker.

Where is the best place to sell expensive furniture?

When selling high-end furniture, try ArtDeco, OfferUp, Bonanza, or Facebook. Make sure to take many high-quality photos and write detailed descriptions.

Are there fees to sell furniture online?

If you sell at an online consignment shop or auction website, there are generally fees. However, you can sell your furniture without fees by listing it at an online marketplace like Craigslist, Facebook, or OfferUp.

Where can I sell furniture near me?

Most of the sites we’ve listed above allow you to sell to people near you. It’s best to drop your furniture off or have them come pick it up, as shipping costs can be costly for large items.

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