11 Best Cash Advance Apps for 2024


Cash advance apps have become a vital financial tool, offering a lifeline to those needing early access to earned wages. These apps allow users to borrow money ahead of their pay period, helping them bridge financial gaps and avoid costly overdraft fees or high-interest payday loans.

These apps function by connecting to a user’s bank account, tracking income, and spending patterns. Some require setting up direct deposit through the app. Once connected, users can request an advance on their paycheck, which typically lands in their bank account instantly or within a few business days.

Cash advance apps provide several benefits, including saving users from costly bank charges and providing budgeting tools and savings accounts. However, potential drawbacks include the possibility of falling into a cycle of debt and privacy concerns.

Despite these risks, cash advance apps, when used responsibly, can serve as a valuable financial management tool.

11 Best Cash Advance Apps

We’ve reviewed some of the best cash advance apps available, highlighting key features and who they might be best suited for.

1. Brigit – Best for Budgeting Features

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  • Borrow up to $250 with no interest.
  • Credit builder loans to build credit
  • Auto-advance: Automatic cash infusion when your balance is low.
  • Expense forecasting: Predicts future expenses and warns against overspending.
  • No late fees or penalties: Offers a flexible repayment policy.

Brigit is a cash advance app that stands out due to its strong emphasis on financial tools, making it ideal for individuals who want to better manage their finances while having access to cash.

With Brigit, users can access cash advances up to $250 when their balance is low. The app features an auto-advance option, providing an automatic cash infusion when the user’s bank balance is in danger of dipping below zero.

Brigit also offers a free tool called ‘Finance Helper’ that provides a financial health snapshot and tracks your spending. The app’s algorithm also predicts future expenses and warns users if they’re at risk of overspending.

2. Dave – Best for Small Cash Advances

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  • Borrow up to $500 with no interest.
  • Dave checking account: No fees at 37K MoneyPass ATMs
  • Tools to help manage spending and anticipate upcoming expenses.
  • Automated savings: Automatically plans for future financial goals.
  • Bill alerts: Gives heads up on upcoming bills to prevent overdrafts.

Dave is a financial app well-suited for individuals who occasionally need a small, quick paycheck advance to tide them over until the next paycheck. It’s a reliable tool for managing finances and avoiding overdraft fees.

Dave allows users to borrow up to $500 as a cash advance to cover small expenses or to prevent an account from going negative.

Advances are provided without interest and are automatically repaid on your next payday. Funds are typically available within one to three days, though instant access is available if you choose to pay an express fee.

The Dave app also offers a checking account with no minimum balance, budgeting tools, and an automated savings feature.

The app also alerts users about upcoming bills, helping them better manage their finances and avoid unexpected charges.

3. EarnIn – Best for Low Fees

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  • Tip-based fee structure: Pay what you believe is fair.
  • Daily cash outs: Borrow up to $100 per day based on hours worked.
  • Balance Shield: Prevents overdrafts with automatic cash infusions.
  • No credit check: Your credit score isn’t affected by using the app.
  • Direct deposits: Pay is received directly into your checking account.

EarnIn stands out among cash advance apps for its low-cost structure, making it an ideal choice for those looking to avoid high fees.

Rather than charging a standard fee or interest, EarnIn operates on a tip-based system. This means that users can pay what they believe is fair for the service, even if that amount is zero.

This app works by allowing users to cash out up to $100 per day (up to $750 per pay period) based on the hours they’ve already worked. It’s a great tool to help avoid overdraft fees or cover unexpected expenses between paychecks.

EarnIn also integrates a Balance Shield feature that prevents overdrafts by offering a $100 cash infusion when the user’s bank account falls below a specific amount.

4. Chime – Best for Banking

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  • SpotMe: Allows overdrafts up to $200 without overdraft fees.
  • Full-service banking: Includes checking and savings accounts with no monthly fees.
  • Early Direct Deposit: Access your paycheck up to 2 days early with direct deposit.
  • Automated Savings: Automatic rounding up of transactions to the nearest dollar with transfer to savings.
  • Secured credit card: Helps build credit score over time.

Chime is a full-service financial technology company that provides users with a banking platform.

Chime’s SpotMe feature allows eligible account holders to overdraft their accounts by up to $200 on debit card purchases without incurring an overdraft fee.

Additionally, Chime offers banking services provided by The Bancorp Bank and Stride Bank, including a no-fee checking account, an automatic savings account, and secured card offerings.

These services, combined with all of Chime’s other features, make it a well-rounded choice for individuals looking to streamline their banking experiences.

5. Current – Best for Quick Cash Advance Processing

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  • Overdraft up to $200 with no fees.
  • Full-service banking: Provides checking accounts and savings tools.
  • Spending insights: Offers personalized breakdowns of spending habits.
  • Teen banking: Offers accounts for teens managed by parents.
  • No hidden fees: Current is upfront about all its charges.

Current is a comprehensive banking app that stands out due to its impressive speed in processing cash advances.

With Current, you can overdraft up to $200 without incurring overdraft fees. It also provides a checking account, savings tools, and personalized insights into spending patterns.

The lightning-fast processing times and user-friendly platform make Current a reliable choice for individuals who need speedy access to cash.

6. MoneyLion – Best for Comprehensive Financial Services

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  • Instacash: Get up to $1,000 instantly with 0% APR.
  • Full-service banking: Offers a RoarMoney account for seamless banking.
  • Credit Builder Plus: Access to a secured credit card to help build credit.
  • Investment accounts: Provides an opportunity to grow your savings.
  • Credit monitoring: Keeps an eye on your credit score and provides advice.

MoneyLion sets itself apart as a financial technology company that provides a wide array of services, making it a standout for those seeking comprehensive financial tools in addition to cash advances.

MoneyLion offers a feature known as Instacash, which allows users to borrow up to $1,000 with 0% APR. The requested funds are transferred instantly to the user’s MoneyLion checking account, providing immediate financial relief.

MoneyLion also offers banking services, including a RoarMoney account and a secured card to help build credit.

Investment accounts are also part of its suite of services, making MoneyLion a one-stop solution for numerous financial needs.

7. Empower – Best for High Cash Advance Limits

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  • Borrow up to $250* with no interest or late fees.
  • Free credit monitoring
  • Sets aside savings automatically based on your spending habits.
  • Spending tracking: Monitors spending to provide insights and alerts.
  • Personalized tips: Provides suggestions tailored to the user’s spending patterns.

Empower is an app that caters to those who might need larger cash advances, standing out with its high cash advance limits.

Empower offers qualified users advances up to $250* with no late fees or interest. The Cash Advance feature can be a lifesaver for individuals facing unexpected expenses or dealing with high living costs, providing a buffer until the next payday.

In addition, Empower provides a host of banking and financial services. It offers automated saving features and spending tracking to help users manage their finances more effectively.

* Eligibility requirements apply. Minimum direct deposits to an Empower checking account, among other conditions, may be required.

8. Payactiv – Best for Direct Deposit Advances

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  • Direct deposit advances: Access up to 50% of earned wages before payday.
  • Financial counseling: Offers assistance to help manage finances.
  • Budgeting tools: Provides tools to monitor spending and set budget goals.
  • Savings program: Encourages regular saving habits.
  • Discounts: Offers discounts on healthcare, retail, and commuting services.

Payactiv is a standout cash advance app for those seeking direct deposit advances, offering a unique system for accessing earned but unpaid income.

With Payactiv, users can access up to 50% of their earned income before payday, providing flexibility and a safety net for those with unpredictable expenses. This advance is automatically repaid from the user’s next paycheck, making it a seamless solution.

Payactiv also offers financial counseling, a Visa debit card, and a savings program. It also provides discounts for healthcare, retail, and commuting services.

Its comprehensive approach to financial wellness makes Payactiv a robust tool for managing personal finance.

9. Vola – Best for Students

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  • Cash advances for students: Offers advances up to $300.
  • Financial learning resources: Provides educational content to enhance financial literacy.
  • Budgeting insights: Helps manage finances and plan for future expenses.
  • Overdraft prediction: Alerts users if they’re at risk of overdrawing their account.
  • Subscription model: Flat monthly fee provides access to all features.

Vola is a financial app specifically tailored to meet the needs of students, making it the ideal choice for students seeking cash advances.

The app understands the unique financial challenges faced by students and offers solutions to help them on their financial journey.

With Vola, students can borrow up to $300. It uses a subscription-based model, which also provides access to various financial tools and learning resources that are especially beneficial for students.

Vola also offers a suite of financial learning resources, money management tools, and an overdraft prediction feature.

These resources empower students to learn about personal finance management while providing a financial safety net when needed.

10. Kora – Best for User Experience

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  • User-friendly: Simple and intuitive interface for ease of use.
  • Cash advances: Provides advances up to $500 to cover unexpected expenses.
  • Budgeting tool: Helps users manage their spending and save money.
  • Bill tracker: Helps users keep track of upcoming bill payments.
  • No hidden fees: Kora offers transparency in its fee structure.

Kora sets itself apart with its user-friendly interface and experience, making it the best choice for individuals who prioritize a seamless and intuitive user experience when it comes to cash advance apps.

With Kora, students can get up to $3,000, or as little as $25 to start building their credit history. The app’s interface is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, allowing users to request an advance with just a few taps.

Kora also offers financial planning tools, including a budgeting feature and a bill payment tracker. The simple, user-friendly layout makes it easy for users to manage their financial activity and plan ahead.

11. Varo – Best for No Overdraft Fees

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  • Overdraft fee-free: Users are not charged for overdrafts.
  • Cash advances: Provides advances up to $250 to cover unexpected expenses.
  • Savings Account: Earn 5% APY on up to $5,000.
  • No hidden fees: Transparent about all charges and costs.
  • All-in-one banking: Combines a range of banking services in one app.

Varo is a standout for those who wish to avoid overdraft fees while getting cash advances. As a financial technology company that offers online banking, Varo’s cash advance app is an excellent choice for users seeking straightforward, cost-effective solutions.

With Varo, users can access a cash advance of up to $250. It’s also worth noting that Varo, unlike most cash advance apps, does not charge overdraft fees, making it a great option for those who are concerned about accruing extra charges.

Varo also offers a 5% APY savings account, allowing users to manage all their banking needs in one place.

Criteria for Evaluating Cash Advance Apps

When evaluating the best cash advance apps, several critical factors were considered to ensure a comprehensive and accurate review. These apps were assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Fees: The cost to use the app is a significant factor. This includes any charges for cash advances, subscription fees, late fees, or any other additional costs that could be incurred by the user.
  • User experience: The design and functionality of the loan app plays a pivotal role in its effectiveness. A well-designed app should be easy to use, intuitive, and user-friendly. This includes the process of requesting a cash advance, accessing available features, and obtaining customer support.
  • Cash advance features: The primary function of these apps is to offer cash advances. Key considerations when assessing these features include maximum advance amounts, fees, repayment terms, and speed of delivery.
  • Additional features: Many cash advance apps offer extra features, such as credit building tools, financial guidance, and more. These were evaluated based on their usefulness and how well they integrate with the cash advance function.
  • Customer service: Good customer service is essential for any app. The availability, responsiveness, and helpfulness of the customer service team were considered.
  • Customer reviews and reputation: Online reviews and the overall reputation of the app provide insight into user satisfaction and potential issues.
  • Security: As these apps handle sensitive financial data, the security measures in place were evaluated to ensure they protect user information effectively.

By assessing each app based on these criteria, we aimed to provide a comprehensive overview to help you select the cash advance app that best suits your needs.

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How to Choose the Right Cash Advance App for You

As you consider which cash advance app is right for you, it’s important to note a key difference between these apps and traditional payday lenders. Most cash advance apps do not charge interest, unlike payday lenders.

This makes cash apps typically a more cost-effective solution for short-term cash needs. Choosing the right cash advance app requires understanding your financial needs, habits, and goals. Here are a few steps to guide you:

Identify your needs: The first step is to define what you need from a cash advance app. Do you need a large advance, or will a small amount suffice? How quickly do you need access to the funds? Are you interested in the other features they offer?

Evaluate the costs: Understanding the cost structure of the loan app is essential. Some apps might have high fees that can add up over time. Remember to consider both the upfront costs.

Assess the features: Look beyond the cash advance function. Many apps offer useful features that can help you manage your finances better. Some have financial planning tools, bank accounts, and even financial education resources. If these features are important to you, they should be a significant factor in your decision.

Consider user experience: The app should be intuitive and easy to use. Read online reviews or try out the app to see if you find it user-friendly.

Check the customer service: Good customer service is a must, especially when dealing with financial services. Check if the app provides timely and effective support when needed.

Think about your financial future: Consider whether the app can grow with you. Some cash advance apps include features that can help you improve your financial health in the long term, such as bank accounts, credit building tools, or investment options.

By taking the time to consider these factors, you’ll be well-positioned to choose an app that fits your personal needs and helps enhance your financial situation. Remember, while cash advance apps can provide quick relief in times of need, they’re not a sustainable solution for financial difficulties. If you frequently find yourself needing to borrow money, it may be worth seeking advice from a financial advisor.

Bottom Line

Cash advance apps like Earning, Chime, and Current offer various features and services to meet different financial needs. From low fees and banking features to high cash advance limits and user-friendly experiences, these apps provide convenient solutions for those in need of quick cash access.

The right app for you depends on your individual financial needs, habits, and goals. So, you need to consider the costs, available features, user experience, and customer service when choosing an app.

However, it’s important to remember that while these apps can provide immediate financial relief, they should be used responsibly. Cash advances are a temporary solution and not a replacement for sound financial management or long-term financial planning. Frequent reliance on money loan apps may indicate deeper financial issues that need to be addressed.

Lastly, remember to carefully read and understand all terms and conditions before using a cash advance app. Make sure you fully understand the app’s features, fees, and repayment terms can prevent unpleasant surprises down the line.

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