60+ Stores That Give Cash Back on Debit Card Purchases

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Did you know that you can actually get cash back while making purchases? It’s a handy perk that can save you from ATM fees and put physical cash in your pocket when needed.

In this article, we look at ways to get cash back and reveal the stores and businesses that offer this convenient service. Say goodbye to unnecessary fees and hello to a smarter way of managing your finances. Get ready to discover the power of cash back on debit card purchases.

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What is cash back on debit transactions?

The cash back feature, typically associated with credit card transactions, isn’t exclusive to your credit card company. A different kind of “cash back” exists for debit cards too. It’s less about accumulating points or rewards and more about getting physical dollar bills in your hand at the point of sale.

When you make a debit card transaction at certain stores, you can opt to withdraw cash from your checking account over and above your purchase amount. This is commonly known as “cash back.”

The extra cash gets added to your total sale price, and voila!—you’ve conveniently withdrawn money without an out-of-network ATM or a visit to your bank’s ATM.

Where can I get cash back?

When it comes to accessing cash through your debit card purchases, several options are available beyond traditional bank ATMs. From grocery stores to gas stations, and even department and big box stores, there are various establishments that offer the convenience of cash back on your debit card transactions.

Grocery Stores: Your Go-To for Cash Back

Your neighborhood grocery store is likely one of the places that offer cash back on debit cards. This makes sense, as grocery shopping is a frequent activity, making it easy to access cash without going out of your way. Plus, most stores give you fee-free cash back—a win-win for saving money and time!

Popular grocery stores that give cash back include national and regional chains, such as:

  • Albertsons
  • Aldi
  • Farm Fresh
  • Food Lion
  • Fred Meyer
  • Giant Eagle
  • Hannaford
  • Harris Teeter
  • H-E-B
  • Hy-Vee
  • JayC
  • Jewel-Osco
  • Kroger
  • Mariano’s
  • Meijer
  • Publix
  • Raley’s Supermarket
  • Safeway
  • Save Mart Supermarkets
  • Shoppers Food Warehouse
  • ShopRite
  • Tops Friendly Markets
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Vons
  • Wegmans
  • Whole Foods
  • Winn-Dixie

Remember, each store has its own cash back limit, so if you need a large amount, the bank may still be your best bet.

Gas Stations: Fuel Up and Get Cash Back

When you think of gas stations, the first thing that comes to mind is probably fueling up your car—not your wallet. But many of them do cash back on debit transactions, turning your fill-up into an opportunity to replenish your cash supply.

Consider gas stations like:

  • 7-Eleven
  • BP
  • Casey’s General Store
  • Chevron
  • Conoco
  • ExxonMobil
  • Kum & Go
  • Kwik Trip/Kwik Star
  • Phillips 66
  • Shell
  • Sunoco
  • Texaco
  • Valero
  • Weis Markets

Be aware, though, that cash back limits at gas stations are often lower than at grocery stores, so this option is best for when you need just a bit of extra cash.

Department Stores and Retail Stores: Shop and Save

Several big box stores and department stores also offer cash back when purchasing with debit cards. What’s more, the minimum purchase amount required for cash back is typically small. Sometimes, buying a candy bar or a pair of socks is enough to allow you to withdraw cash.

You can get cash at these places when you need it:

  • Costco
  • Kmart
  • Staples
  • Target
  • Walmart

In some cases, you may need to visit the customer service desk to request cash back. It’s always a good idea to ask where this service is provided within the store.

Exploring Other Cash Back Locations

Though grocery stores, gas stations, and department stores are popular spots for cash back, you’re not limited to these locations. Numerous other businesses offer cash back when you use your debit card. Let’s look at a few:

  • Pharmacies: National chains such as Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid offer cash back on purchases with a minimum purchase requirement.
  • Home improvement stores: Lowe’s, Menards, and Home Depot allow customers to withdraw cash using their debit cards.
  • Convenience stores: While policies may vary, chains like Circle K and Wawa often give cash back. Be sure to ask at the counter to confirm their policy.
  • Office supply stores: Staples and Office Depot are two of the office supply stores that often provide cash back services.
  • Discount stores: Big box retailers such as Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar frequently offer cash back on debit card transactions.
  • Pet Supply stores: Some pet supply chains, like PetSmart and Petco, allow customers to get cash back.
  • Specialty stores: While it varies, some specialty stores like Bed Bath & Beyond or Bath & Body Works may offer cash back.

Remember, always check with the store’s customer service desk or ask the cashier about their cash back policies before making a purchase. Policies can vary by location, even within the same chain, so it’s always a good idea to confirm.

Wise Ways to Use Cash Back

When used strategically, cash back can be an effective tool in your personal finance toolkit. It can save you money on ATM fees, especially those from out of network ATMs, and help you better plan your cash withdrawals. Here are a few tips:

  • When you need cash, avoid making a separate trip to an ATM. Instead, plan to get cash back during your regular shopping trips.
  • If you frequently write personal checks, consider using cash back instead. It eliminates the need to keep a checkbook and can often be more convenient for the recipient.
  • Incorporate cash back into your budget. By getting a set amount of cash each week, you can better control your day-to-day spending.

Can you get cash back with a credit card?

While many stores offer cash back for debit card transactions, it’s less common for credit cards. Stores usually incur higher fees for credit card transactions, which is why they typically discourage cash back on them. However, some cards, like the Discover credit card, allow cardholders to get cash over purchases—a feature known as “cash over.”

In-Store Cash Withdrawals: A Lesser-Known Money-Saving Tool

Withdrawing cash during a debit card transaction is not just an extra perk—it’s a practical, cost-effective feature that can help you avoid needless ATM fees and manage your cash flow better.

However, be sure to note the cash back limits at different stores and understand their specific cash back policies. Consideration should also be given to whether the store adds a transaction fee for this service, although most stores that give cash back do so without extra charges.

Finally, remember that while this option is a quick way to get cash, it shouldn’t entirely replace your visits to the bank’s ATM or branch, particularly if you need to withdraw a large amount. Nonetheless, it’s a valuable tool for getting in-store cash when you need a small amount or want to save on ATM fees.

Contactless Payments and Cash Back

In the era of contactless payments and digital wallets, the cash back feature might seem a bit outdated. But having cash on hand is still necessary sometimes. And in those moments, knowing which stores allow cash back transactions can be a real lifesaver. So, keep swiping, spending, and saving—personal finance has never been easier.

Optimize Your Debit Card Usage

Getting cash back with a debit card is a simple yet effective strategy that any cardholder can use. Here’s how to make the most of your debit transactions:

  • Plan ahead: If you know you’ll need cash soon, plan to get it during your next shopping trip instead of making an extra stop at an ATM.
  • Know your limits: Each store has a maximum cash back limit. Familiarize yourself with these amounts so you can get the amount you need without any surprises at the checkout counter.
  • Use the right card: Some debit cards come with benefits or rewards for certain types of purchases, like groceries or gas. By using the right card at the right place, you can earn rewards while you get cash back.
  • Ask about fees: While cash back is generally a fee-free service, it never hurts to double-check. Ask the cashier or customer service desk if there’s a fee to avoid any unexpected charges.

Balancing Convenience with Safety

While getting cash back is convenient, remember to keep your financial safety in mind. Don’t withdraw more cash than you need, and remember to keep it secure. If you’re not comfortable carrying a large amount of cash, consider other methods of payment.

Conclusion: Debit Cards and Beyond

Knowing which stores give cash back on debit card purchases is just one way to leverage your spending for added benefits. It’s a perfect example of how being informed about your options can help you save money and make your life easier.

Remember, finance is all about finding ways to make your money work harder for you. By strategically using your debit card to get cash back, you can cut down on ATM fees, reduce your need for personal checks, and have cash on hand whenever you need it.

Whether you’re buying groceries, filling up your gas tank, or picking up a few things at a department store, don’t forget to consider cash back. It’s a simple tool, but one that can make your financial journey a little bit smoother. Happy shopping—and saving!

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