5 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies of 2024

Are you getting ready to move? If you’re doing it yourself, you’re probably weighing your options to find the best moving truck rental companies of 2024.

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Renting a moving truck for a local move can save time and wear-and-tear on your vehicle. You don’t have to cram your belongings into your passenger vehicle or beg your friend with a truck to help you out.

You can rent the right size moving truck and transport all your belongings across town in one trip. For long-distance moves, a moving truck is the best do-it-yourself solution for moving household items, furniture, and even pets.

Alternatively, you may hire full-service movers or rent a moving and storage container to pack your items yourself and let the professional moving company transport them.

If you decide a moving truck rental is your best, you’ll want to choose your truck rental company carefully.

Which moving truck companies are the best? We sort it all out for you.

How to Choose a Moving Truck Rental Company

When it comes to moving truck rentals, consider your options before selecting a company. Based on our research, each offers different options for their rental trucks, different pricing structures, and even varying levels of customer service.

Here are some factors to consider.

Truck Size

Size matters when you choose your rental truck. You might think a large moving truck is better, but that’s not always the case.

Larger trucks cost more to rent and also use more gas. So, you’re wasting money with a truck that’s too big for your belongings.

More importantly, if the truck is too big, your items may shift on the road and become damaged. A tightly packed, well-balanced moving truck is safer to drive and will help keep your belongings safe during the trip.

Obviously, you also want to avoid picking a truck that’s too small. Especially if you’re making a long-distance move, where multiple trips may not be possible.

If you’re not sure what size truck to rent, consider the size of your home and follow these guidelines based on the number of rooms in your home:

  • 1–2 rooms: 10-12ft
  • 2–4 rooms: 15-16ft
  • 2–3 bedroom home: 17-20ft
  • 5+ bedroom home: 22-26ft


Moving truck rental companies charge based on mileage, price per hour, or price per day. Some companies combine them. For example, a long-distance move may cost you per day and per mile.

Ask your moving truck company to break down their pricing. Unfortunately, some companies charge hidden fees, making that initially low price skyrocket. With transparent pricing, you know what you’re paying for and how much it costs.

Mileage Fees

Mileage fees vary between truck rental companies. The company charges you based on how far you drive with your rental truck when you pay per mile.

Some companies offer free mileage up to a certain distance. For example, a long-distance move may cause you to go over the mileage cap, and thereafter, you have to pay a fee per mile.

Most truck rental companies do not offer unlimited miles. Those that do can save you money on long-distance moves. If you’re moving locally, the mileage fees may not matter as much.


Don’t try to rent a moving truck on the day you move. Often, moving companies accommodate last-minute rentals, but that doesn’t mean they’ll have the size and style truck you need.

Schedule in advance to ensure you get the right size truck on the day you move.

Top 5 Moving Truck Rental Companies

Penske Truck Rental

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Penske Truck Rental comes out on top with the all-around best service and options. With an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, Penske offers many services and options you won’t find with other truck rental companies.

Most importantly, Penske offers guaranteed reservations, so your truck will be available when you’re ready to move.

With Penske, you have five truck size options:

  • High-roof cargo van
  • 12-foot box truck
  • 16-foot box truck
  • 22-foot box truck
  • 26-foot box truck

With so many truck rental options, you’ll have no problem finding the one that best fits your move without worrying that the next size up will be too large.

With the high-roof cargo van, you can even move smaller spaces like a studio apartment without having to rent a truck.

You can save money with Penske with these discounts:

  • One-Way Unlimited Mileage
  • AAA Members
  • Military Personnel
  • College Students

Penske also has limited-time offers on their website.

Penske gives you plenty of options to insure your belongings during your move. You have several coverage choices, including Personal Accident Insurance and Cargo Insurance, to ensure that you and your truck’s contents stay safe.


  • Our Top Pick
  • 5 different vehicle size options
  • Optional insurance coverage
  • Discounts for certain people
  • One-way unlimited mileage
  • Guaranteed reservations


  • No 20-foot truck
  • Mileage fees for local moves

U-Haul Truck Rental

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U-Haul is, arguably, the most well-known name in truck rentals. Their moving trucks are available in every state, and they have more locations than any other moving company.

U-Haul has been in business since 1945 and has become the largest moving truck company in the United States.

U-Haul offers the most rental truck sizes of all the companies on this list, including:

  • Pickup truck
  • Cargo van
  • 10-foot box truck
  • 15-foot box truck
  • 17-foot box truck
  • 20-foot box truck
  • 26-foot box truck

Unlike Penske, U-Haul doesn’t offer unlimited miles, but its prices are low, with opportunities for added savings.

You can rent U-Haul moving trucks for as low as $20 per day. U-Haul even has discounts for people who:

  • Pick up and return their rental to the same location
  • Travel over several days or longer with their rental
  • Cover long distances

All you need to do is fill out their online form to take advantage of these discounts.


  • Most Convenient
  • Extensive choices in vehicle sizes, including a pick-up truck and van
  • Local rentals as low as $20/day
  • Many convenient locations for pick-up and drop-off


  • Mileage fees for long-distance moves, one-way truck rentals

Enterprise Truck Rental

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You probably know Enterprise best as a car rental company. You may be surprised to learn that they also provide moving truck rental services.

Enterprise Truck Rental doesn’t offer one-way rental like U-Haul and Penske. Still, they have a more extensive rental truck selection than anyone else. For example, with Enterprise, you can get:

  • ½ ton, ¾ ton, and 1-ton pickup trucks
  • Compact, regular, heavy-duty, heavy-duty XL, and high-roof cargo vans
  • 16-foot and 24-foot stakebed trucks
  • 15-foot parcel van
  • 16-foot cabover truck
  • 24-foot and 26-foot box trucks

Enterprise doesn’t offer any discounts, except for 10% off for Progressive Perkshare customers. However, if you’re driving less than 300 miles with your rental, you don’t have to pay a mileage fee. Enterprise is one of the most affordable moving truck rental companies.


  • Best Local Service
  • Most choices in vehicle sizes
  • No mileage fees for trips less than 300 miles
  • 10% off for Progressive Perkshare customers


  • No one-way rentals
  • Mileage fees on trips exceeding 300 miles
  • No additional discounts

Cheapest Truck Rental Company (Most Affordable)

Budget Truck Rental

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No matter where you live, Budget Truck Rental offers the lowest prices of any rental truck company, especially for long-distance movers who will drop off the truck in a different location than where they picked it up.

However, Budget may not be the best choice if you’re moving locally. Local movers pay for all miles, while long-distance movers get a certain number of miles free based on their expected destination.

So, if you estimate your mileage over the designated cap, you’ll pay a lower rate per mile at $0.70 instead of $0.85 for local moves.

Budget makes up for what you pay in mileage with more discounts than any other rental company on our list. They have discounts for:

  • Students
  • Military members
  • Emergency responders
  • AARP members
  • Bar Association members
  • Motor Club members

Unfortunately, Budget only has three truck sizes:

  • 12-foot box truck
  • 16-foot box truck
  • 26-foot box truck


  • Most Affordable
  • Discounts for members of various associations, plus military personnel and students
  • Low prices


  • Limited truck sizes
  • Mileage fees for local and long-distance moves

Home Depot

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Home Depot Load ‘N Go rental trucks make your local move easy with low hourly rates and unlimited local mileage. With 2,200 locations across the country, Home Depot is a convenient place to rent your vehicle.

Home Depot offers several truck sizes, including:

  • Pickup trucks
  • Cargo vans
  • Box trucks
  • Penske trucks

You can rent 12-, 16-, 22-, and 26-foot Penske moving trucks through Home Depot. However, Home Depot doesn’t guarantee truck availability for any of its vehicles, so you should check what’s available at your location before you show up to rent one.

Home Depot truck rental offers unlimited local miles but doesn’t offer any discounts if you rent a moving truck with them. If you’re planning a long-distance move, you may want to rent a truck directly with Penske.


  • Best Hourly Rates
  • Rent Penske trucks at convenient Home Depot locations
  • Multiple truck rental sizes, including pick-ups and vans
  • Unlimited local miles


  • No discounts
  • No guarantees for truck availability

What to Consider Before Renting a Moving Truck

Before you start combing through the best moving truck rental companies, it helps to get a clear picture of your moving plan. Below, we’ve provided a detailed look at the most important considerations you’ll want to make before you start your search.

Size of Move

First and foremost you’ll want to get an idea of how much stuff you’ll be moving. Many companies offer online calculators which can help you determine which size truck fits your needs.

The easiest way to start here is by using the guidelines shared above, which give you a corresponding truck size based on the number of rooms in your home.

Driving Experience

Another important consideration to make is your level of driving experience. If you’ve never driven a truck before, don’t overlook the potential risk factor here. This is especially significant if you’re taking a long distance truck rental, or if you’ll be driving in tricky conditions. The bigger the truck is, the less forgiving it may be with your lack of experience.

Try to avoid renting a truck that is larger than you would be comfortable driving. You might also consider hiring a moving truck service and having a professional handle the driving for you.


The distance you’ll be traveling for your move is a big factor. Not all rental companies will offer long-distance service, so that could eliminate some companies from your decision-making. Distance will also affect the price, of course, so make sure you know roughly how far you’ll be traveling to make the whole process easier.


Depending on your budget, you might have to take some time to shop around. Price points can differ significantly between companies. You might also consider renting a smaller truck and making multiple trips rather than renting a larger, more expensive truck.

Pickup Location Availability

Another detail you’ll want to check is the pickup location availability of the rental service you choose. Depending on where you live, you may have limited choice for a convenient local pickup service. Some companies require rental vans to be returned to the same location, which isn’t likely to work for anyone moving long distance.

You may also need to ensure that you can pick up your rental truck during business hours, although most companies allow you to return rental trucks at any time.

Insurance Coverage Plans

Insurance can be an unexpected cost when renting a moving truck. It is recommended to at least obtain a basic damage waiver. This can help protect you against small damages that may occur to the rental van while in your possession.

Comprehensive coverage plans could be an option if you are moving valuable personal belongings, or if you are concerned about personal safety.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance can be a reassuring benefit that might be worth considering. This generally comes as a coverage option, and is often used by those traveling long distance or through difficult driving conditions.

Customer Service Reviews

One last thing you’ll want to check before renting a moving truck is customer service reviews. This can be an easy and effective way of gauging the quality of support provided by a company. The best moving truck rental companies will be active in providing customer support in any way they can.

Tips for Loading a Moving Truck

While some folk will hire professional help to load their moving truck, others might prefer to save time and money by doing it themselves. Whether you’re loading a truck alone or with help, here are some key tips to keep things safe and secure on your trip.

Disassemble Furniture

Make sure to begin by taking apart any large furniture items you are moving. This will help save room in the truck as well as allow you to more evenly distribute weight, which is important. This can include things like bed frames, cabinets, drawers and tables.

Start Big

One of the most essential rules when it comes to packing anything is to start big. Loading your largest and heaviest items first will help avoid any organizational headaches later on. It also allows you to work on ensuring that weight is evenly distributed across the truck.

Appliances and heavy items of furniture should always be placed on the floor of the truck, and generally towards the front.

Secure Items with Moving Straps

When packing your moving truck, be sure to use moving straps to hold larger items and boxes in place. This is important to avoid things shifting while in transit, which could potentially lead to damaged items.

Roll Up Rugs

If you’re traveling with delicate items such as rugs, you’ll want to roll them up and wrap them in plastic wrap to avoid damage. Find a neat space for them to fit in among the larger items so they won’t move around while in transit.

Make a Convenient Spot for Essentials

Don’t forget to designate a spot in the truck for any moving day essentials that you’ll need access to. Things like bottled water, cleaning supplies and any small valuables are all best stored in an easy-to-reach spot in the truck.


When you move, you want to make your transition to your new home efficient. Make your move more convenient by renting a moving truck. Choosing the right moving truck rental company can eliminate multiple trips and help you transport your items safely.

For more information on finding reliable and affordable services for your moving and transportation needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which moving truck rental company is the cheapest?

If you’re looking for the most competitive prices, Budget Truck Rental is the winner. Budget offers the lowest prices for moving truck rentals across the entire country, and are especially popular for long distance moves. While other reputable companies such as Penske Truck Rental often offer good deals and discounts, the bottom line is that Budget is the most affordable.

How old do you have to be to rent a moving truck?

The majority of moving truck rental companies require customers to be at least 18 years old to drive their vehicles. Some will require you to be 21 or possibly even older, however, so be sure to check this detail if you are a younger driver.

How much does it cost to rent a moving truck?

The average cost of renting a moving van is around $1500. The major factors that influence overall cost will be truck size, distance, your moving date, and any additional days or miles added.

Remember that rental rates will fluctuate in accordance with peak moving season.

What is peak truck rental season?

The peak of the moving season runs from May to September. Most people prefer to move during summer months, when it is typically easier to take time from work. If you plan to move during peak season, you’ll need to book your rental truck months in advance.

The increased demand will also mean higher rates. Wherever possible, you can try to save money by planning to move on a weekday during the off-season.

What is the gas mileage of a truck rental?

Most truck rentals don’t get great gas mileage. This can vary between vehicles depending on their size, age and other factors such as driving conditions. In any case, don’t expect a rental truck to go easy on your wallet when it comes to gas.

Do I need to refuel the moving truck?

Yes, the majority of companies will request their truck to be returned with a full tank of gas, more or less. This means you’ll need to refuel the truck before returning it.

How can I avoid a rental truck scam? 

The easiest way to check the legitimacy of any truck rental company is to check their credentials and reviews with the Better Business Bureau. Taking this simple step can save you from being scammed by a suspicious company, and also provides a helpful bit of peace of mind at what is often an otherwise stressful time.

Can I pick up a rental truck in one location and return it in another?

This is possible, but it depends on the company you choose. There are a lot of moving truck companies with locations and service centers across the whole country. These companies will usually let you make a one-way trip.

Keep in mind that even truck rental companies that allow this kind of move will charge you extra. This is because they will likely want to bring the truck back to its original location anyway. 

How far in advance should I reserve a truck rental? 

You should try to reserve a truck rental with as much advance notice as possible. No matter when you’re planning to move, the earlier you reserve your rental, the better.

The major benefits of booking in advance are range of choice and ease of location. If you leave it until even a few weeks beforehand, the company you chose may not have your ideal truck size available, or you may have to pick up your rental from a farther location.

Plus, having things booked in advance brings peace of mind.

What size moving trucks can you rent?

Most moving truck rental companies offer vehicles ranging from 10 to 26 ft in size. The ideal size for your move depends on how big your home is and how much heavy furniture you need to transport.

The best moving truck rental companies can help you figure out which size truck you’ll need, so don’t be afraid to ask for guidance if necessary. 

Can you cancel a moving truck rental reservation?

Yes, you can generally cancel a truck rental reservation up to two days in advance. Some companies allow you to make a cancellation up to 24 hours beforehand. Take the time to review the cancellation policy first, as the details can differ between companies. 

Is truck rental insurance a good idea?

If you can afford to add insurance to your moving budget, having it in place can protect against several forms of liability. This might be especially reassuring to you if you’re not familiar with driving trucks. 

Most companies will offer truck rental insurance in the form of damage waivers, supplementary liability, as well as personal accident and cargo protection. 

What’s the easiest way to reduce rental truck costs? 

Keeping a close eye on any hidden fees and penalties is one easy way to potentially reduce the cost of your rental. On top of that, the easiest ways to save is by timing your move during the off-season and minimizing your moving time. 

Always read over the fine print for fees, and do your best to reserve your rental in advance to avoid having to pay more due to demand.

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