Best Comenity Bank Credit Cards for 2021

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Comenity Bank is a financial services company that offers credit cards through national retail chains to consumers around the country.

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In fact, the 30-year old credit card issuer has more than 50 million card members through its various credit card programs. So what makes Comenity Bank and its store credit cards so special?

For many people with bad credit, these cards help them access new credit by avoiding a hard pull using the “shopping cart trick.” Regardless of your credit score, you can also benefit from store-specific perks with a retail card.

However, some Comenity credit cards are better than others, particularly when it comes to the quality of their rewards program. Plus, whether or not you should actually open up one or more new credit cards depends on your personal situation.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Comenity Bank credit cards and which may be the best one for you.

Comenity Bank Retail Store Credit Cards

From mall shops to online stores and many others in between, Comenity credit cards run the gamut when it comes to variety.

You’ll need to apply separately for each specific credit card you want, so it’s good to know all of your options upfront. Then, research the benefits you get from each one.

Comenity Bank offers nearly 150 retail store-branded credit cards, including:

Other Credit Cards from Comenity Bank

In addition to retail store cards, Comenity Bank provides consumers with specialty credit cards of other types as well. For example, for medical purchases, you can choose from a selection of medical-related cards. In addition, some purchases can be eligible for deferred interest, while other cards can help finance elective health-related procedures.

Your Tuition Solution credit card helps to pay for private school and other educational costs. There are also Comenity credit cards for certain auto manufacturers like Lexus and Toyota and hotel cards from Red Roof Inn and Westgate Resorts.

Here’s the complete list:

Of course, many people enjoy store-specific credit cards because of perks like a large discount on your first purchase or a gift card on your birthday. As a result, many people apply for a credit card at stores they shop at frequently.

Credit lines start small, around $500, but after making regular purchases and paying off your balance, you’re likely to get an automatic credit limit increase. In fact, these credit limit increases can happen at regular intervals. However, you don’t want to buy things simply because you can, especially if you can’t pay off your balance in full.

Still, that extra line of credit paired with regular on-time payments can help rebuild your credit score if it’s below average. Plus, it’s easy to get qualified regardless of what your credit looks like. This is another reason why Comenity Bank cards are so popular — you can use the shopping cart trick to get a pop-up offer online for a new credit card.

If you’re not asked to enter your full social security number, then you can likely get qualified without having your credit checked. But, for many people, it’s a simple way to get started on the way to better credit.

What are the best credit cards from Comenity Bank?

Each Comenity credit card typically comes with some sort of incentive. Most frequently, you’ll be given a discount on your first purchase, usually ranging between 10% and 20%. After that, you may be sent certain offers and discounts throughout the year.

Depending on the store credit card, some may have better benefits than others. After all, not all participating stores are owned by the same company, so they’ll each have a different strategy for their cardmember perks.

If that’s your primary reason for opening one or more Comenity Bank store credit cards, do your research in advance to find out which ones give the best rewards. Here are a few of our favorite Comenity Bank cards in terms of the biggest benefits offered to cardholders.

Marathon Visa

This gas rewards credit card is ideal for anyone with a car who lives in the eastern half of the U.S. It offers extensive discounts on fuel at any of Marathon’s 5,500 locations in 19 states.

When you sign up, you’ll automatically qualify for some strong incentives. Basically, the more you charge to your Visa card (anywhere that Visa is accepted, not just at Marathon), the greater rebate you’ll receive.

For example, in the first 90 days, if you charge $1,000 a month on your credit card, you’ll receive a 50-cents per gallon rebate on your Marathon purchases. When you spend between $500 and $999 per month, you’ll receive a rebate of 30-cents per gallon.

Marathon Visa

Even if you spend less than $500, you’ll still get a 10-cent rebate per gallon. Once you’ve accumulated a minimum of $25 in rebates, you’ll get a cash card to be used for any future Marathon purchase. After the initial period, you’ll get a 2-cent rebate and can cash in after accruing just $10.

If you drive a lot and commit to paying off your balance each month, this could be a very lucrative credit card for you. Of course, you’ll also need to make sure you live in an area with plenty of Marathon locations. But when used correctly, the Marathon Visa can put a huge dent in your monthly gas tab, making it a popular card issued by Comenity Bank.

MasterCard for BJ’s Members

My BJ’s Perks MasterCard is a fee-free credit card available for members of BJ’s Wholesale Club. Most locations are on the East Coast, so if you live near one, consider taking advantage of their cash bank program, especially if you shop often and like to buy in bulk. It’s a pretty comprehensive credit card, especially considering that there’s no annual fee.

You’ll earn cash back on different types of purchases, which can then be used towards future BJ’s purchases. For instance, depending on which membership level you choose, you get either 3% or 5% cash back on any of your BJ’s purchases.

Additionally, all cardmembers get 10-cents off each gallon at BJ’s gas stations. You’ll also get 2% cashback from dining out just about anywhere as well as from gas purchases made at any other gas station.

When you shop anywhere else with your BJ’s MasterCard, you’ll get a cool 1% in cash back. So again, as long as you stay on top of your monthly balances, you can quickly see some savings with this credit card.

Farmers Insurance Visa Card

This is another fee-free credit card with strong benefits, and it doesn’t matter where you live. You earn points on each purchase you make. You can then redeem the points for statement credits, travel, gift cards, and more. Another major benefit of this Comenity card is the 0% APR for the first 12 months, after which rates run between 13.99% and 20.99%.

So how do you earn points? You get 3 points for each $1 spent on Farmers products, gas, or home improvement. Plus, you get 1 point per dollar spent on anything else you charge to your Farmers Visa.

Points never expire, and there’s no maximum to how much you can earn. If your most expensive purchases tend to be gas or home repair items, consider this card.

It’s also a good option if you tend to carry a small balance from time to time because you won’t be charged interest for the first year. Just be sure to pay off your debt in its entirety before your introductory period is up; otherwise, your balance will be subject to a potentially high interest rate.

Is a credit card from Comenity Bank right for you?

Clearly, there are countless options available when it comes to getting a credit card from Comenity Bank. Whether one (or more) is right for you depends on your credit history and financial goals. If you’re primarily motivated by lucrative rewards and benefits, explore all of your options before settling on one.

If you plan on making an expensive one-time purchase, you may benefit from opening a Comenity Bank store card to get that big discount. But don’t do it just because a sales associate is pressuring you in the checkout line.

Approval with No Credit Check

If you have less than perfect credit, you may want to get a Comenity credit card because it’s possible to get approved with no credit check. Before you do, though, think about what you hope to get out of the card.

Are you trying to rebuild your credit by lowering your credit utilization ratio and making on-time payments?

If so, opening a new account may be helpful to your personal situation. But, if you struggle with debt and aren’t paying off your credit cards each month, then it may be best to hold off on getting a Comenity Bank credit card.

Credit Inquiries

You also might want to avoid opening a new credit card if you’re gearing up for a major loan application like a mortgage. Too many credit inquiries might make it look like you’re tight on cash. Also, never feel like you need to get a credit card before you’re ready simply because of a “time-sensitive” promotion.

Comenity Bank and other issuers regularly offer perks, bonuses, and other benefits for new cardmembers. But, you can always either wait or try a different card to find the best deals available when you’re actually ready.

Comenity Bank Customer Service

One thing you should know is that, compared to other credit cards, Comenity Bank is known to be lacking in the customer support area. Some people have reported that their payments were received late or not at all, which has resulted in late fees and damage to their credit scores.

Most Comenity credit cards do not offer an auto-pay as an option, so it would be wise to make your payments well ahead of the due date to make sure they’ve been received. It’s also been reported that their customer service agents aren’t very helpful.

Bottom Line

Comenity Bank is in the business of attracting consumers to very specific store credit cards. The key takeaway is to maximize your rewards by consistently paying off your balances.

By doing so, you get to take advantage of your rewards and benefits while simultaneously building your credit. It’s a great way to take baby steps back into the world of credit cards by creating good financial habits.

Once you’ve cemented a repayment routine, you can bump up to a more general credit card that might offer even better incentives. At the same time, you’ll qualify for better rates since you’ve strengthened your credit with a Comenity credit card.

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