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The Walmart MoneyCard is a reloadable prepaid debit card designed to provide a versatile financial solution for a range of consumers. This includes those who do not have access to conventional bank accounts or people seeking a tighter rein over their spending.

The MoneyCard is not tied to a traditional checking account, which eliminates the risk of overdrafting, offering a critical advantage over conventional banking.

Walmart MoneyCard

Issued by the Green Dot Bank, the Walmart MoneyCard doesn’t require a credit check or a specific credit score, thus making it easily accessible. This feature can be particularly useful for those wanting to avoid the credit scrutiny that comes with most credit card companies or people working on rebuilding their credit scores.

Getting Started with Walmart MoneyCard

The process to get started with a Walmart MoneyCard is straightforward. Customers can apply for the card online or buy a starter kit from any Walmart stores.

Once the card is registered and activated, you can load money onto it through various means. These include direct deposit, using Walmart Rapid Reload, or transferring money from a different bank account.

You can use the Walmart MoneyCard immediately for in-store and online purchases at any location that accepts Visa or Mastercard debit cards.

Get started with Walmart MoneyCard on Walmart’s secure website

Walmart MoneyCard: Key Features

Cash Back Rewards

One of the Walmart MoneyCard’s standout features is its cash back rewards system. The card offers up to 3% cash back on purchases made at, 2% at Walmart fuel stations, and 1% cash back on purchases made in Walmart stores.

This feature can provide significant value, particularly for regular Walmart shoppers. Keep in mind that the total rewards are capped at $75 per year.

Free Cash Reloads

The Walmart MoneyCard makes it simple to add money to your card with free cash reloads in Walmart stores. This is a practical and convenient feature, especially for those who routinely shop at Walmart. It allows customers to top up their card balances during their regular shopping trips, making the process seamless and straightforward.

Walmart MoneyCard App

The cardholder gains access to a robust mobile banking platform via the mobile app. The app lets you deposit checks using the mobile check deposit feature, pay bills, transfer money to others, check your account balance, and set account alerts. Having all these capabilities in the palm of your hand simplifies managing your finances.

ASAP Direct Deposit

ASAP Direct Deposit is another noteworthy feature of the Walmart MoneyCard. With this feature, you can receive your paycheck or government benefits up to two days early, depending on your employer or benefits provider’s deposit schedule. This can offer considerable assistance, especially when budgeting around bill payments or other financial commitments.

Understanding the Fee Structure

Despite the various benefits the Walmart MoneyCard offers, it does come with a monthly fee of $5.94. This fee, along with potential charges for ATM withdrawals or balance inquiries, is vital to understand before getting the card. However, the monthly fee can be waived in any month where you have loaded $1,000 or more to your card in the previous monthly period.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that while Walmart Rapid Reload is free, using this service at non-Walmart locations may involve a fee. Similarly, while withdrawals at in-network ATMs are free, out-of-network ATM withdrawals come with a $2.50 fee.

Walmart MoneyCard: Main Benefits

No Overdraft Fees

One of the significant advantages of the Walmart MoneyCard is the absence of overdraft fees. With this prepaid card, you’re spending your own money that you’ve loaded onto the card, which means there’s no chance of incurring an overdraft fee or the risk of a bounced check.

This feature could provide peace of mind, especially for those who are worried about maintaining a positive balance in a traditional checking account.

MoneyCard Vault

The Walmart MoneyCard comes with a unique feature called the MoneyCard Vault. This tool acts as a savings account, allowing you to set aside money while earning interest. With the MoneyCard Vault, you can earn a 2% annual interest rate (APY) on your savings up to a $1,000 balance. This feature incentivizes saving by providing an opportunity to grow your money.

Cash Prizes

Not only does the MoneyCard Vault help you save, but it also offers an exciting chance to win cash prizes. For every dollar saved in the MoneyCard Vault, you earn an entry into a monthly drawing where 999 winners are chosen.

These winners could receive a cash prize of up to $1,000. This feature makes saving money even more enticing, offering a chance at a potential monetary bonus simply for practicing good saving habits.

Family Accounts

Finally, the Walmart MoneyCard offers a beneficial feature for families. The cardholder can create up to four additional MoneyCards for family members who are 13 years and older. This could be an excellent tool for teaching teens about financial responsibility or for managing a family budget effectively.

Get started with Walmart MoneyCard on Walmart’s secure website

Potential Drawbacks and Limitations

While the Walmart MoneyCard offers several benefits, it does have potential drawbacks that must be considered. One such drawback is the monthly fee of $5.94. This fee can be waived if you load at least $1,000 onto the card in the previous monthly period, but for users who don’t frequently load large amounts onto their card, this cost might be a deterrent.

Although there’s the benefit of earning rewards, there are limitations. The cash back rewards are capped at $75 each year. Depending on your spending habits, this may be less generous than some rewards credit cards offered by traditional financial institutions or credit card companies.

It’s also important to note that while the card offers the ability to withdraw cash, out-of-network ATM withdrawals come with a $2.50 fee. Additional third-party fees might be charged at out-of-network ATMs and are not controlled by Green Dot Bank.

Security Features

Walmart MoneyCard provides several measures to ensure the safety of your funds. Your funds are held with Green Dot Bank, a member of FDIC, meaning your MoneyCard deposits are insured up to the standard deposit insurance limit.

The card also includes an EMV chip that provides enhanced security and is globally accepted. Additionally, customers can set up account alerts through the app to receive instant notification of any transactions or suspicious activity.

Another valuable security feature is the ability to instantly lock your card if it’s ever lost or stolen, directly from the MoneyCard App or website. This can prevent unauthorized use and provide peace of mind.

Customer Service and Support

Walmart offers various customer service channels for MoneyCard users. These include a phone number to call for live support and an online Help Center with answers to common questions. You can also receive assistance via the Walmart app or website, where you can report lost or stolen cards, check your balance, view transactions, and find the nearest Walmart store or ATM.

Remember that it’s always beneficial to research user reviews and feedback to get a sense of the overall customer service experience. While Walmart offers several avenues for support, it’s essential to ensure that the support meets your expectations and needs.

Comparing Walmart MoneyCard with Other Prepaid Cards

When compared to other prepaid cards on the market, the Walmart MoneyCard stands strong. Its cash back rewards program, free cash reloads at Walmart stores, and early access to direct deposits via the ASAP Direct Deposit feature set it apart from many competitors.

However, it’s crucial to remember that no single financial product will be the perfect fit for everyone. Other prepaid cards might have lower monthly fees or offer different benefits, like rewards on other types of purchases, no fees for ATM withdrawals at certain ATMs, or better customer service.

It’s essential to compare the Walmart MoneyCard with other prepaid debit cards and carefully consider your financial needs, habits, and preferences before making a decision.

Is the Walmart MoneyCard right for you?

The Walmart MoneyCard could be a good fit for those who shop frequently at Walmart, as they can earn cash back at, Walmart stores, and Walmart fuel stations. For those without a traditional bank account, or for those who wish to avoid overdraft fees and credit checks, the Walmart MoneyCard provides a flexible and accessible option.

Additionally, if you’re seeking a tool to help with budgeting or teaching family members about financial responsibility, the Walmart MoneyCard can be a valuable resource due to its reloadable nature and the option to create additional MoneyCards for family members.

However, if you’re not a frequent Walmart shopper, or if you plan to make regular ATM withdrawals, it’s important to consider the associated fees. The $2.50 out-of-network ATM fee and the monthly fee (unless waived) could outweigh the benefits for some users. Similarly, those who do not anticipate depositing $1,000 or more monthly might find the fee to be a deterrent.

As always, your individual financial habits, needs, and goals are key factors in determining whether a particular financial product, such as the Walmart MoneyCard, is a good fit for you.

Get started with Walmart MoneyCard on Walmart’s secure website

Bottom Line

The Walmart MoneyCard offers a unique blend of features, such as the rewards program, no overdraft fees, and the MoneyCard Vault savings feature, that make it stand out among prepaid debit cards. Its ease of use, accessibility, and range of services offer an appealing package for many individuals.

However, potential users should be mindful of the associated fees and limitations. The potential for out-of-network ATM fees and the monthly charge (unless waived) should be weighed against the benefits that the card provides. Also, the card may not be the best fit for individuals who don’t frequently shop at Walmart or deposit less than $1,000 monthly.

As with any financial product, it’s critical to understand its fee structure, limitations, and potential downsides before deciding if it’s the right fit for your financial needs.

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