11 Best Banks in Nebraska for 2024

Nebraska is packed with culture and beauty, from the diversity of its music to the vast farmland that brings income to the state. The best banks in Nebraska offer the amenities you need, while also keeping fees to a minimum so that you can make the most of your hard-earned money.

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11 Best Banks in Nebraska

Whether you’re looking for a local bank or a national bank with a Nebraska presence, there’s a bank for you. The below list can help you find the right checking and savings accounts to meet your banking needs.

1. Pinnacle Bank

Pinnacle Bank is a local bank with branches in Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas. It offers a free checking account option with a minimum deposit requirement of $100.

Their basic checking account has no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements. You get a free Visa debit card, and mobile and online banking services such as online bill pay, and mobile check deposit.

The limited ATM network might be a drawback for some. However, Pinnacle Bank does try to mitigate this with a rebate offer of up to $10 each month for out-of-network ATM fees, specifically for students, seniors, and military personnel.

When it comes to interest rates, Pinnacle offers a 0.86% APY on savings accounts and rates up to 2.08% APY on money market accounts.

2. SoFi

SoFi is rapidly gaining a reputation for its Checking & Savings account options, turning heads with a striking 4.60% APY on online savings and a substantial 0.50% APY on checking balances.

The online bank stands out for its no monthly fees and no minimum balance requirement. New customers also have a chance to earn welcome bonuses ranging from $50 to $300.

What sets SoFi apart is the early direct deposit feature, allowing customers to access their paychecks two days earlier.

With the added benefit of no-fee overdraft coverage for qualifying accounts and free ATM withdrawals at over 55,000 ATMs, SoFi ensures easy access to funds, making it a top choice for many in Nebraska.

3. First National Bank of Omaha

Headquartered in Omaha, the First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) has a strong presence not just in Nebraska, but also in several other states, including Colorado, Illinois, and Texas.

This regional bank offers a range of checking account options, including a popular free one that requires no monthly maintenance fees and no minimum balance. A standout feature is the widespread access to fee-free transactions at both FNBO and Allpoint ATMs nationwide.

Adding to its appeal are the additional perks such as personal banker access through its mobile app and rate discounts on various loans. First National Bank of Omaha also offers small business banking products such as business loans, business credit cards, and lines of credit.

4. GO2bank

GO2bank offers easy checking and high-interest savings accounts with a 4.50% APY, which makes it a strong player in the digital banking space.

Accessibility is a hallmark of GO2bank, demonstrated by its vast network comprising 90,000 cash deposit locations and 55,000 fee-free ATMs.

Additionally, you can take advantage of getting your salary or government benefits early with its early direct deposit feature. Avoiding the $5 monthly fee is as simple as setting up a monthly direct deposit.

GO2bank supports its customers during financial hiccups with a $200 overdraft protection option and promotes healthier credit scores through its Secured Visa Credit Card. This online-only bank is establishing itself as a convenient and supportive choice in Nebraska’s banking scene.

5. Union Bank & Trust

Union Bank & Trust, based in Lincoln, is a privately owned entity with a substantial footprint in Nebraska. It provides access to its network of branches, along with fee-free transactions at MoneyPass ATMs nationwide.

A distinguishing feature of UBT is its generous bonus offerings for its fee-free checking accounts. The tiered system allows new customers to get up to $250 depending upon their direct deposit commitments in the initial 90 days.

UBT’s checking account has no monthly maintenance fees and a $50 minimum opening deposit requirement. You’ll also find competitive rates on CDs at 4.63% APY and money market accounts at 3.30% APY, as well as a basic savings account and a student savings account for those 25 and under.

With additional perks like a considerable bonus for new checking accounts and a comprehensive mobile banking suite, Union Bank & Trust sets itself as a compelling choice.

6. Wells Fargo

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Wells Fargo holds a prominent position among the top national banks in Nebraska, with a comprehensive network of branches across the state.

The bank offers the convenience of a free checking account, contingent upon meeting specific criteria such as maintaining a $500 daily balance or receiving at least $500 in electronic deposits monthly for the Everyday Checking account.

A current promotion stands as an added attraction, presenting new customers with the opportunity to earn a $300 bonus.

To be eligible for this, you must make qualifying direct deposits totaling at least $1,000 within the first three months. There’s also a $25 minimum initial deposit requirement for opening an account.

Another big plus of banking with Wells Fargo is the high interest you can earn on savings accounts, up to 2.51% APY, and even higher on CDs, up to 4.51% APY.

7. American National Bank

American National Bank stands out among the best banks in Nebraska, offering a local bank feel coupled with a wide service reach, including 37 branches spread across Eastern Nebraska, Western Iowa, and the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

Starting with just a $50 initial deposit, you can open a checking account without worrying about monthly fees or minimum daily balance requirements, easing the banking process. You can also open a savings account with $50.

Besides the basic banking features, American National Bank provides additional services like personal and home loans, along with small business banking options, making it a versatile choice for residents of Nebraska.

8. Ally Bank

Ally Bank is an online banking giant that acknowledges the typical challenges with online banking such as cash access, but actively addresses them.

For convenient cash withdrawals, Ally grants free access to a widespread network of over 53,000 ATMs across the nation. In addition, Ally reimburses up to $10 for out-of-network ATM fees.

Opening a checking account at Ally is easy, with no minimum deposit or minimum balance requirements. There are also no monthly fees or overdraft fees.

Ally Bank allows you to earn 0.25% APY on checking accounts, 4.25% APY on savings accounts, and 4.80% APY on CDs. With the added benefit of the CoverDraft℠ feature to help avoid overdrafts, Ally Bank emerges as a strong online option, marrying convenience with profitability.

9. Cornerstone Bank

With roots stretching back to the 1800s as the First National Bank of York, Cornerstone Bank has cultivated deep ties to the Nebraska community.

Starting your banking journey here is straightforward; a checking account can be initiated with just a $100 deposit. Furthermore, there are no monthly service fees.

But Cornerstone Bank is more than just its checking accounts; it stands tall as one of Nebraska’s finest due to its comprehensive offerings. Their services include various financial products, including a regular savings account, a health savings account, and a Christmas Club savings account.

In addition, they also offer a business checking account, personal loans, and commercial and agricultural loans. Moreover, they expand their portfolio with investment and trust services catering to a diverse set of financial needs.

What elevates Cornerstone Bank further is its commitment to assisting clients in building a solid financial future through its wealth management services. They also extend competitive rates on home and auto loans, showcasing its dedication to nourishing the growth of its community members.

10. Platte Valley Bank

If you’re seeking a regional bank offering a blend of modern features and personalized service, Platte Valley Bank could be a strong contender.

Established in Nebraska and Wyoming, this bank offers you the ease of managing your bank accounts through a comprehensive mobile app, equipped with a host of necessary features.

Opening a free checking account here is fairly straightforward, requiring a $100 initial deposit. There’s no monthly service fee or minimum balance requirement.

Platte Valley Bank offers a range of financial products, including a regular savings account and a health savings account, as well as a money market account. Additionally, they provide credit cards, personal loans, and mortgages.

11. First Nebraska Bank

For those interested in a community bank with deep roots in central and eastern Nebraska, First Nebraska Bank is a solid option. With its inception dating back to 1879, the bank has been serving locals through its 11 branches spread across various locations including Arcadia, Bennet, Brainard, and others down to Weeping Water.

The Simple Checking account requires $100 to open and maintains a modest $3.00 monthly fee while freeing you from any minimum balance requirements.

Alongside this, First Nebraska Bank offers three other personal checking, savings, and investment accounts. They also feature a range of services including personal loans, mortgages, and insurance products to cater to different needs.

For business owners, the bank provides business checking and savings accounts, aiming to support local businesses through tailored services.

How to Choose the Best Bank in Nebraska

Choosing the best bank in Nebraska requires careful consideration of your financial needs, lifestyle, and preferences. Consider the following factors before deciding:

  • Research various banks: Begin your search by compiling a list of the best banks in Nebraska. Make use of online reviews, ratings, and feedback from existing customers to understand the reputation of each bank.
  • Examine fee structures: Each financial institution has a different fee structure. Analyze the fees associated with maintaining a bank account, ATM usage, and other services. Try to find a bank that offers the most favorable terms for you.
  • Accessibility: Consider the accessibility of the bank’s branches and ATMs in your locality. It might be beneficial to choose a bank with a substantial presence in Nebraska to ensure convenience in accessing in-person services.
  • Customer service: The level of customer service is a crucial factor. Reach out to the financial institutions to gauge the responsiveness and helpfulness of their customer service team.
  • Product diversity: Banks provide a wide variety of products and services to meet the varied needs of customers. This includes not only staple offerings like savings and checking accounts and loans, but also investment services guided by a financial advisor. Evaluate all the options available to choose a bank that best suits your financial goals and objectives.
  • Technology integration: In the modern world, a bank’s digital platform is as important as its physical locations. Ensure the bank you choose is well-integrated with modern technology. Look for features that allow you to deposit checks, transfer money, pay bills online, streamlining your finances from anywhere at any time.
  • Interest rates: Interest rates can vary significantly between banks. Explore the interest rates offered on savings accounts and other investment products to make the most of your savings.
  • Community engagement: Some of the best banks in Nebraska are actively involved in community development and philanthropy. If you value corporate social responsibility, this could influence your decision.
  • Security and stability: Opt for a bank known for its stability and robust security measures. Ensuring that the bank provides Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insurance offers additional peace of mind, as it means your deposits are protected up to the maximum allowed by law.

Types of Banks to Explore in Nebraska

When selecting from the best banks in Nebraska, it is beneficial to understand the different types of financial institutions you have at your disposal. Here is a breakdown of the types of banks you might consider:

National Banks

National banks operate in various locations across the country, and often, internationally. Opting for a national bank can provide you with the advantage of a wide network of branches, comprehensive service offerings, and potentially more advanced technology platforms. Examples include Wells Fargo and Chase.

Regional Banks

Regional banks are primarily focused on serving residents of a particular geographical region. These banks offer a balance between the extensive networks of a national bank and the localized service of a community bank. In Nebraska, examples of regional banks are the First National Bank of Omaha and Platte Valley Bank.

Community Banks

Community banks tend to focus on the local residents of a specific area, prioritizing personal relationships and community development. These banks generally know their customers well and may offer more personalized service. Banks such as Cornerstone Bank fit this category.

Online Banks

Online banks operate without brick-and-mortar locations, offering services exclusively through online platforms and mobile banking apps. These banks can offer higher interest rates on savings accounts and low fees because they have lower overhead costs. SoFi, GO2bank, and Ally Bank are prime examples of online banking options available to Nebraska residents.

Credit Unions

Credit unions are not-for-profit organizations that are owned by their members. They often offer lower fees and higher interest rates on savings accounts compared to traditional banks. Moreover, credit unions may provide more personalized service and community involvement. In Nebraska, you can find options like Cobalt Federal Credit Union, Centris Federal Credit Union, SAC Federal Credit Union, and First Nebraska Credit Union.


From the largest banks in the country to community banks, Nebraska has plenty of options when it comes to storing your money. Thanks to banking apps and online access, you can go with a bank that doesn’t even have physical branches. Take a look at all the features and choose the best Nebraska bank for you.

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