Landmark Home Warranty Review for 2024

Landmark Home Warranty, established in 2004, has been a notable provider in the home warranty sector, known for its comprehensive yet affordable coverage options.

Based in South Jordan, Utah, Landmark Home Warranty served over 70,000 homes annually. It established a unique position in the industry with customized warranty plans suited for both new and long-term homeowners.

Originally available in six states – Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah – Landmark distinguished itself with unique services like HVAC tune-ups and a focus on customer-oriented solutions.

This review will explore Landmark Home Warranty’s traditional offerings, customer experiences, and how it stood out in a competitive market. We will also discuss the significant transition of Landmark Home Warranty directing its potential new customers to American Home Shield, understanding how this shift affects the options available to homeowners looking for reliable home warranty services.

Landmark Home Warranty

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Recent Changes to Landmark Home Warranty

Recently, Landmark Home Warranty underwent a significant shift in its business model. The company, once known for its tailored home warranty plans, no longer offers its own policies.

Instead, Landmark has redirected its focus and now guides new customers to American Home Shield, a renowned provider in the home warranty sector and Landmark’s sister company. This strategic redirection marks a pivotal change in the services and options available to consumers who were previously considering Landmark Home Warranty.

Implications for Customers

For those interested in Landmark’s services, this transition means a shift in perspective. Potential customers are now encouraged to explore the variety of plans and services offered by American Home Shield.

This change might affect the decision-making process for customers, as they need to familiarize themselves with a different set of plans, coverage options, and pricing structures associated with American Home Shield, rather than those traditionally offered by Landmark.

Reflecting on Landmark’s Legacy

Landmark Home Warranty had established itself as a leader in the home warranty market, particularly known for its unique offerings such as pest control and termite treatment coverage. These features set Landmark apart from many of its competitors in the home warranty industry.

Additionally, Landmark’s real estate warranty plans, designed for homeowners who had purchased a property within the last 30 days, were a distinctive aspect of their service offerings​.

Understanding Landmark Home Warranty’s Offerings

Overview of Traditional Plans

Landmark offered a range of plans, including Essential, Advantage, Comprehensive, and Complete, designed to meet diverse homeowner needs. These plans covered various home systems and appliances, offering varying levels of protection.

Pricing and Service Fees

The company was known for its competitive pricing and service fees. The cost-effective service call fees contributed to Landmark’s appeal among homeowners seeking affordable home warranty solutions.

Customer Experiences and Reviews

Customer reviews of Landmark Home Warranty were mixed across various platforms. While some reviews were favorable, others highlighted challenges with customer service and the repair process.

Landmark Home Warranty faced a legal challenge from the Arizona Attorney General for practices related to coverage during extreme temperatures. The company settled this case, addressing the raised concerns.


Prospective customers should now consider American Home Shield’s plans and services, as they replace Landmark’s offerings. Evaluating American Home Shield’s coverage options and customer feedback is crucial for an informed decision.

The shift from Landmark Home Warranty to American Home Shield reflects the dynamic nature of the home warranty industry. Consumers should stay informed about such changes to make the best choices for their home warranty needs. Landmark’s legacy, combined with American Home Shield’s services, provides a comprehensive range of options for homeowners.

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