How to Check Your Bank Account Balance Online


Getting information about your bank account balance was a burdensome process in the past. Before the widespread use of smartphones, you had to visit your local branch or rely on an ATM to make debit and credit transactions, pay bills, or apply for personal loans. Today, financial services don’t require this much work, especially with the advent of mobile banking.

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If you would like to learn more about how to check your bank account balance online, read on. We’ll highlight the easiest ways to check your balance online and how you can take control – and advantage – of modern online bank services.

How do online banking services work?

Simply put, digital banking services help you initiate transactions using an internet connection. You can access these services through a PC, mobile phone, or a tablet.

To access your account, you can either visit your bank’s website and input your username and password to start using the service, or you can download a mobile banking app for instant access. A bank account balance check no longer needs a trip to the bank since most services are available in the palm of your hands.

What can you do with online banking services?

Online bank services allow you to control and manage your money quickly and remotely. But managing money is not the only service banks provide online. You can also:

  • Check your bank balance online and view your account summary
  • Manage multiple bank account balances
  • Receive and transfer money
  • Set up automatic bill pay
  • Download or view your bank statement
  • Add or remove account holders
  • Report a stolen or lost credit or debit card
  • Access important account information
  • View pending transactions
  • Receive alerts for a financial transaction happening instantaneously
  • Apply for a loan or a new line of credit
  • Sign up for a message alert service

With so many services available at the click of a button or a screen tap, it’s never been easier to access your account balance.

How can I check my bank account balance online?

There are many ways to check your bank balance online – by using a desktop or laptop, working on a tablet, accessing an ATM, or through your mobile phone. If you are not using a mobile banking app, you can still access your account by signing in and inputting your information.

Desktop or Laptop

Using a desktop or laptop is one of the most popular ways to access your bank account balance. You can look for your bank using any search engine, or type the name of your bank into the browser search bar. Once you’re on the main website page, look for the login section. Use your username and password to access your information.


Tablets are portable mini computers, and some are quite powerful nowadays. With their larger screen size, they are a great tool for seniors or students on the go who want to check bank account balances without needing a computer. If you are using a tablet, you can use a browser to access your bank’s website and enter the relevant information in the login fields to view your account.


Using a smartphone to access your account balance is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways of accessing your account information. However, if you don’t use an app, it may be difficult to view your account information in a clear format due to the small screen size compared to tablets and computers.

Use An ATM

Sometimes, an emergency may happen, such as using up your smartphone or tablet battery. If you don’t have access to a computer or internet banking, you can still get information on your balance and even make transfers using an ATM. However, some machines may incur additional charges to use these services, especially if the machine is not from your bank.

Ideally, net banking is the best method to use when you need a quick view of your finances. You can transfer money, check bank account balance stats, and make and receive payments without additional charges. But in case you can’t, an ATM is the next best thing to net banking.

How can I check my bank balance in mobile via mobile banking?

To check your account balance using a mobile banking app, you simply need to download the application using from the App Store or through Google Play. If you prefer not to download the app, you can check your bank balance by logging into your bank’s website to access your account using net banking. Some banks also offer an SMS service where you can send a message to your bank and the automated system will text you back with your account information.

You can also call your bank using your mobile phone. If your number is registered with the bank, you can hear your account details over the phone or talk to a representative if you have specific questions related to your account or net banking problems.

Are mobile banking applications easier to use than websites?

Generally speaking, it is easier to use mobile banking applications provided by your bank than using a website to access your information. With the advances in mobile technology, you can set up Face ID or use your fingerprint to quickly access your balance.

This net banking process is easier than inputting your information every time you want to check your bank account balance. Nowadays, applications are easier to use, quickly pull up the relevant information you need, and have all your details easy accessible in one place.

Is online banking safe?

Yes, online banking is safe and secure. Financial institutions take your privacy and safety seriously, and they have many ways to counter fraud and abuse. Besides the secure ways to log in, financial institutions place safeguards to ensure that nobody accesses your account if they are not an authorized user.

For example, some apps require two-factor authorization before every log in attempt for net banking. You receive a message containing a single-use code every time someone tries to access your account to make sure that the right person is accessing the account. You can also sign up for email alerts in addition to SMS banking services.

In case something happens or someone uses your card, you can instantly freeze your account using banking apps and tools.

Are banking applications safer than logging into a bank website?

In some cases, net banking applications are safer to use than logging into a bank website. If you use an internet connection that is not secure, hackers can breach your connection and view your screen. That’s why it is essential to make sure that when you want to access sensitive financial information, you should only do so using a secure Wi-Fi connection.

When you use a banking app to access your information, you usually do so using your mobile phone or tablet. Since you won’t use a browser, they may be more secure to use.

How can I check my bank account balance using SMS?

Many people prefer the simplicity of receiving a text message over using an app or speaking with a representative. Fortunately, some banks give you the option to receive text messages that contain information about your account balance.

With SMS, you can receive alerts when your account balance dips below a certain amount, view recent activity, or send alerts when your balance reaches a certain threshold using a mobile app.

How can I view my account balance via ATM debit card?

You can view your account balance by using an ATM. To do so, first find a compatible ATM associated with your own bank’s ATM to avoid paying extra fees. Most banks have multiple ATMs throughout the country. Some even have them abroad for national and international customers.

Insert your debit card into the ATM card slot, making sure the magnetic strip or chip is facing the correct direction. Once the ATM recognizes your card, it will prompt you to enter your Personal Identification Number, or PIN.

The bank ATM will then display a menu with many options. Select the “Balance Inquiry” or “Check Account Balance” option, which differs depending on the machine. You may be asked to choose between checking and savings accounts if you have multiple accounts linked to your card.

The ATM will then display your account balance on the screen. Some ATMs may also offer the option to print a receipt with your balance information.

Mobile Apps and Text Messages

To receive text messages from your bank through a mobile app, download your bank’s official app from your smartphone’s app store. After installing the app, open it, register for an account, or log in using your existing online banking credentials.

Once logged in, proceed to the settings or profile section of the app, where you’ll likely find options for account notifications, alerts, or communication preferences. Enable the text message or SMS alerts feature and provide your mobile number if prompted. You may be asked to confirm your number by entering a verification code sent to you via text message.

Typically, banks allow you to customize the types of notifications you receive, such as low balance alerts, transaction alerts, or payment reminders. Adjust these settings according to your preferences. Be sure to save any changes before exiting the app. Once you’ve completed these steps, you should receive text messages from your bank per your chosen settings.

How to Set Up Alerts

Setting up alerts to check your bank balance is simple when you use a mobile banking app. Once you log in to the app, scroll through the tabs until you find the notification settings for the app. Click on “notify me” through the mobile banking link, depending on the function you want it to perform. Then, enter your mobile number and you should be good to go.

The Best Ways to Keep Track of Your Checking Account Balance

To keep track of your current account balance, always make it a point to make frequent balance inquiries. The more you are attentive to your money, the less likely that fraud or scammers will have a hard time siphoning money from your account using unauthorized means.

To check bank balance information, use your mobile phone, show up in-person, or request frequent mobile updates to keep track of your total account balance.

Checking Your Bank Balance on Mobile Via Mobile Banking

Checking your balance through an app is straightforward and saves you time when you are on the go. First, you must log in to the app and enter your mobile banking credentials to get access to your account. Once logged in, the app’s main dashboard or homepage displays an overview of your accounts, including checking and savings accounts, bank balances, and credit cards.

Your account balance should be visible either directly on the main screen or within a designated “Accounts” section. If it’s not immediately visible, tap on the specific account you wish to check to view the account balance and transaction history.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my bank account balance without online banking?

You can check your account balance without using the internet by calling your bank, using an automated system, or accessing an ATM if you cannot use your phone or computer to do so.

How do I check my debit card balance online?

Most banks allow you to access your debit card balance once you sign in to your account. You can log into your bank using an internet browser, or download an app through your smartphone or tablet and gain instant access to the service.

How can I access my bank account online?

To access your bank account details online, visit your bank’s official website on your computer or mobile device. Look for the online banking or internet banking login section, typically on the homepage. If you’re a new user, you must register for digital banking by following your bank’s specific process. This usually involves providing personal information, your account number, and creating a username and password.

Most digital banking platforms allow you to transfer funds between accounts, pay bills, and set up recurring payments. If you already have online banking credentials, enter your username and password in the appropriate fields, then click the “Login” or “Sign In” button. Once logged in, you can access your account details, including your account balances, transaction history, and statements.

For added security, always use a secure and trusted internet connection, and never share your login credentials with anyone.

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