Review for 2024 is an online lending marketplace designed to help people obtain needed cash when they don’t have other means of financing. People often need quick cash for repairs or unexpected expenses. If previous financial issues have hurt their credit rating, they may not qualify for traditional financing. offers an alternative for those applicants. The company’s network of lenders gives people with bad credit an opportunity to prove their ability to repay a loan and rebuild their credit rating while providing the funds they need. has three types of personal loans: installment loans, bank personal loans, and peer-to-peer loans. Installment loans come from personal loan lenders and other finance companies, while traditional financial institutions fund bank loans. Peer-to-peer loans are financed by individual investors or companies.

Personal Loans from

At, you have the opportunity to access unsecured loans through their lending partners. Loan amounts can vary from $500 to a maximum of $35,000, though not everyone will qualify for the full amount, as it depends on factors such as income and credit score. The APR of your loan also varies, based on the loan type, amount, and your credit history.

Thanks to’s connections with lenders, the APR you’re eligible for can differ greatly. Rates can range from a low of 5.99% to as high as 35.99%.

Another advantage of using is the flexibility of loan terms. You can choose a repayment period that works for you, from six months to 72 months, depending on the loan type, desired loan amount, and your credit history.

You’ll enjoy no prepayment penalties and the option to make repayments once or twice a month. The loan origination fee ranges from 1% to 5%, depending on the loan type. Whether you need funds for medical expenses, debt consolidation, auto repairs, a dream vacation, or home improvement, has got you covered.

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Borrower Profile

As a borrower, you must be 18 years or older and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. You must also have a Social Security number and regular income.

This can be from employment, self-employment, retirement, disability, or Social Security benefits. A valid checking account is required from most online lenders since that is how the funds will be transmitted.

While is designed for people with a lower credit score, you cannot have had any accounts with payments more than 60 days late or a recent bankruptcy. In addition, no recent charge-offs are allowed, and you may not have a pattern of late payments.

Other specific requirements vary by the type of loan you get. For a peer-to-peer loan, for example, you need a credit score of at least 600 with $2,000 or more in verifiable income.

A credit score of 580 or above is necessary for personal installment loans. While personal loans from most banks require at least the same minimum credit score, they also want to see $3,000 in income per month.

While a poor credit score can result from past credit issues, lenders would like to see that you have overcome these problems and are now making your payments on time.

Even when you improve your payment habits, poor credit can stay with you for several years. reopens the door to credit for many borrowers seeking a personal loan with bad credit. Online Loan Request Process

The first step in applying for a loan through is to perform a credit check. Then, simply fill out their online form indicating the amount you’d like to borrow and the purpose of the loan.

During the application process, you’ll need to provide some personal details such as your place of employment, income, and bank account information. This will include your Social Security number, employer name, and other relevant information.

Upon receipt of your loan request, a lender will review it and determine if you’re approved. Initial approval is usually granted within minutes.

The lender will then verify the information you provided to ensure its accuracy. In the case of any discrepancies, they may request clarification or decline the loan. The entire process typically takes less than 24 hours.

If approved, you’ll receive a loan agreement directly from the lender, detailing the terms of the loan. You’ll find out the approved loan amount, repayment timeframe, monthly payment, and interest rate.

After you agree to the terms and sign the agreement, the funds will be deposited into your bank account. You’ll then have access to your online account center, where you can manage your loan information and payments, and even request future loans with your stored information.

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Once You’re Approved

The cash can be in your bank account in as little as one business day, but up to five business days, depending on the bank’s process and how quickly you sign the agreement.

Because is a connecting service rather than a direct lender, interest rates and fees charged for late payments and other situations vary by lender.

You can expect to pay some penalty fees if you are late making a payment or have a payment returned. Each of the lenders allows payments to be made through electronic funds transfer or by paying online.

You can also pay by phone. Most payments are set up monthly or bimonthly, but you may make other arrangements through the lender directly. Special Features

Instead of lending money directly, connects borrowers to lenders. This allows you to have more options without having to apply for a loan with each lender individually, saving you time and hassle.

It also allows you to find out which loan types you can qualify for much faster than approaching different types of lenders one at a time.

Because has three types of personal loans, they can approve a larger number of applicants. Each loan type has its own requirements, and if the person doesn’t qualify for one loan, they can try for a second type.’s History is an Online Lenders Alliance member that connects borrowers with lenders. For example, consumers may qualify for a peer-to-peer loan, personal installment loan, or bank loan. The company handles the requests and connects them to lenders that can meet their needs. Reviews is renowned for its outstanding online lending platform, with numerous customers singing its praises. Its streamlined, fast-paced and straightforward loan application procedure, combined with a wealth of personal loan options and the comfort of immediate funds after approval, has made it a top choice for many.

What distinguishes is the malleability of its loan terms, which has received high marks from borrowers grateful for the quick availability of funds. Its user-friendly online account center, where customers can easily manage their loans and payments, is also a standout feature.

The platform is highly commended for its strong commitment to the privacy and security of its customers. With securely encrypted personal information and a protected online platform, borrowers can have confidence in the protection of their information and the peace of mind that comes with accessing the funds they need. currently has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of A+, indicating excellent customer service. They also have very few complaints. You can find more reviews at other review sites as well.

Before You Take Out a Personal Loan

Before you accept a loan from or any other lender, you need to consider your decision thoroughly. It will impact your budget and life for several months, if not years.

Accepting a loan is a major decision that should not be treated lightly. Remember, it’s a commitment to pay back what is owed. Get started by following these quick tips.

Make sure you need the money.

Before you borrow money, you first need to decide if it’s an absolute necessity. If you can find another way to obtain the money, such as borrowing from family, it may be better than taking on a loan.

If you can postpone the purchase until you have cash in hand, that’s an even better alternative. It is only advisable to take on more debt in the form of a loan if you absolutely need the funds right now.

Get the best loan offer available.

Don’t just settle for the first offer you’re approved for. Instead, take the time to review multiple loan offers and compare the specifics. For instance, compare APR and terms as well as the monthly payment amounts.

Consider the total cost of each loan and how much you can afford each month to determine which offer is the best for your situation.

Continue to work on your credit.

Getting a loan with bad credit can be a challenge, as it often comes with higher interest rates. However, there are ways to improve your credit scores, such as making on time payments and adding positive information to your credit report.

A secured credit card or a credit builder loan can also help you build your credit, resulting in more favorable personal loan rates in the future. In some cases, you may even be able to secure a loan with a lower interest rate to pay off existing debt. And this could lead to long-term savings and reduced monthly payments.

Final Thoughts

Taking out a personal loan requires careful consideration. Ask yourself if the funds are a current necessity, or if you can wait until your credit score improves. Evaluate your options and select the loan that best suits your needs.

It’s crucial to avoid excessive debt, as it can lead to more challenges in the future. Strengthening your financial stability opens doors to better loan opportunities with favorable rates and terms.

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