ChexSystems Removal Letter 2

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Dispute Letter 2 (Send if ChexSystems verifies your account as “legitimate”)

If your initial letter results in a generic “confirmation” of the negative item and ChexSystems is not able to provide copies of the documents with your signature, you may still be able to get a deletion.

The following letter is a template you can use as a guideline to assert your rights underneath the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This letter is provided as a guide only, and does not constitute legal advice.

Dispute Letter 2 Template

{Your Name}
{Your Street Address}
{City, State, Zip Code}

ChexSystems Consumer Relations
7805 Hudson Road
Suite 100
Woodbury, MN 55125


RE: Consumer ID # (retrieve this number from your ChexSystems report)

Dear ChexSystems:

I have received your recent response to my initial inquiry and request for verification of {negative listing} from {name of bank}. Be advised that your response is inadequate for the purposes of valid verification. You have failed to provide any documentation to corroborate the claim that I have {negative listing} from [name of bank].

Therefore, I am resubmitting my request to include the following specifics that I require from you:

  • Copies of signed documents provided by {Name of Bank}. These documents should bear my signature and clearly state that I have a legally binding and contractual obligation to pay them.
  • The full names, addresses, and direct telephone numbers for each of the individuals at {name of bank} that you contacted in the course of your investigation

Please also be advised that a verbal confirmation from {name of bank} does not suffice as proof of validation. If this matter is not resolved within the next fifteen (15) business days, I will take further steps to preserve my rights.

Please be aware that I am maintaining an ongoing documented record of my communications with you for the purpose of filing a complaint with the FTC and the state of {State} Attorney General’s office, if the matter is not satisfactorily resolved.

If you are unable to furnish the validation specifics listed above, and the {negative listing} is not removed from my CheckSystems file, I will pursue legal remedies to the fullest extent of the law, including exerting my rights underneath the Fair Credit Reporting Act to sue for damages.

To facilitate the swift correction of this matter, my contact information is as follows:

{Your Name} (make certain it is printed or typed; do not provide a copy of your signature)
{Your SSN}
{Your Address}
{City, State Zip Code}

(If you have retained legal counsel, you will want to include their name(s) here and let them know that you are sending this notice so that they have the opportunity to fully advise you on your rights as a consumer.)