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AutoPay is a marketplace lender that allows you to compare auto refinance options from multiple lenders with only one application. In addition, it partners extensively with credit unions set up with low overheads to offer more competitive interest rates to borrowers than other traditional lenders.


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Overview of AutoPay

AutoPay distinguishes itself in the auto financing industry with a unique, customer-focused approach. As a marketplace lender, it stands out by providing a streamlined platform for comparing a wide array of auto refinance options. This convenience allows borrowers to effortlessly find competitive rates without the need to approach multiple lenders individually.

A Personalized Approach to Refinancing

Where AutoPay really shines is in its ability to tailor loan options to individual financial situations. This is particularly valuable for those looking to refinance and capitalize on improved credit scores. By focusing on personalization, AutoPay helps many borrowers find more favorable terms, potentially leading to lower monthly payments and overall cost savings.

Competitive Rates through Credit Union Partnerships

AutoPay leverages its partnerships with credit unions to offer rates that often outcompete traditional lenders. These relationships enable access to lower interest rates, directly benefiting borrowers seeking more economical loan options.

Recognized for Excellence and Customer Satisfaction

AutoPay’s success is underlined by industry recognition and high customer satisfaction. Its approach to auto financing simplifies the loan comparison process and provides a trusted, reliable service that resonates with borrowers nationwide.

Applying for an AutoPay Loan: What You Need

AutoPay requires a minimum credit score of 600, so it’s ideally designed for borrowers with fair credit scores or better. You also must have a minimum stable income of at least $2,000 each month, which is average for car loan lenders. For your application, you’ll need to know specifically how much you make a year and month.

Auto refinance loans are also available in all 50 states, so you can qualify to refinance an existing loan, regardless of where you live. Loan amounts range between $2,500 and $100,000. The maximum mileage the vehicle can have is 125,000 miles, while the maximum age is 11 years. The norm for financial institutions is 10 years, so you get a little more flexibility here.

When applying for an AutoPay auto refinance loan, you’ll also need to know:

  • How long of a term you want (meaning how long do you want to make payments).
  • The specific car you plan to buy or refinance.
  • How much you pay for rent or mortgage each month.

Auto Loan Options from AutoPay

AutoPay stands as a versatile option in the auto financing market, offering a range of loan types to cater to various needs. Whether you’re looking to refinance, purchase a new or used car, or even buy out a lease, AutoPay has tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Refinancing Your Auto Loan for Better Terms

AutoPay’s auto loan refinancing option presents a unique opportunity for borrowers. It allows you to refinance your current vehicle loan, potentially lowering your interest rate significantly. This service is particularly beneficial for those who have seen an improvement in their credit score since their original loan approval.

Many customers report substantial savings, with interest rates cut in half in some cases, leading to an average monthly savings of around $165. This annualizes to a significant reduction in financial burden, approximately $1,983 per year.

Cash-Out Refinancing for Financial Flexibility

Moreover, AutoPay offers a cash-out refinancing option. If your vehicle has equity, you can opt for a lump sum of up to $12,000. This can be a strategic move for managing high-interest debts, as the cash-out from refinancing often comes at a lower interest rate, thereby consolidating your debt and reducing overall interest expenses.

To estimate your potential savings with AutoPay’s refinancing, you can use their online tool by inputting details like your current payoff amount, the remaining term of your loan, the APR, your credit score, and your desired loan term.

Flexible Terms for New and Used Vehicles

AutoPay doesn’t just specialize in refinancing. They also provide loan options for both new and used vehicles. The terms for these auto loans are quite flexible, ranging from 24 to 84 months.

This flexibility allows you to choose a loan term that aligns with your financial plan. Unlike some online lenders, AutoPay requires you to select your vehicle before applying for a loan. This approach gives you the freedom to shop around for the best car deal without being restricted to specific dealerships.

Lease Buyout Loans: Own the Car You Love

For those currently leasing a vehicle, AutoPay offers lease buyout loans. This option is perfect if you’ve grown attached to your leased car and wish to own it. Through this loan, you can pay off the remaining balance on your lease, seamlessly transitioning from a lessee to an owner.

AutoPay’s Fees and Interest Rates

There is no fee to apply to AutoPay. So, if you are simply curious about what interest rate you would receive for an auto refinance or purchase loan, there’s no reason not to apply.

This is especially true since pre-qualification only entails a soft credit inquiry. Loan offers and the quoted interest rate you see is good for 30 days, provided the information you entered is correct.

APRs through AutoPay range from 1.99% to 17.99%. To qualify for the lowest interest rate, you’ll need an excellent credit history that shows consistent on-time payments and the ability to juggle various credit accounts. To get a firm rate, you’ll need to be able to specify what kind of vehicle you plan to purchase. Certain vehicles have higher APRs than others.

Furthermore, if you decide to pay off your new loan early, none of the lenders AutoPay works with charge a prepayment penalty. However, some of them do charge an origination fee.

AutoPay Auto Loan Reviews

AutoPay has a strong track record of success, with over 700,000 satisfied customers served over the course of 15 years in business. This dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in AutoPay’s impressive 4.7 out of 5.0 rating on Google, based on nearly 7,000 reviews.

Furthermore, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) currently gives AutoPay an A+, and they have few complaints. You will find many 4- and 5-star AutoPay reviews at other review sites as well.

AutoPay Loan Application Process

Unlike many other online lenders, with AutoPay, you can check your car loan rate without having to enter your Social Security number. In short, this means you won’t have a hard pull performed on your credit until you’re ready to officially apply for a loan.

Apply online and you’ll receive the results of your pre-qualification within a matter of minutes. To start, put in your full legal name and whether you’re applying by yourself or with a co-borrower. From here, you’ll state whether you’re looking to purchase or refinance.

If you click purchase, AutoPay will present you with the following purchase loan options:

  • Buy from a dealer
  • Buy from a private seller
  • Buy a currently leased vehicle

Click Dealer and AutoPay will want your contact information (email and cell phone number), date of birth, address, annual income, and how much you currently pay for rent or mortgage.

AutoPay will then ask you specifics about the car you’re looking to purchase. You can give the VIN or license plate number, but the easiest is to choose the make and model of the car you want.

This means if you’re coming to AutoPay for a new purchase loan for either a used or new car, it’ll be easier to get reliable rates if you know what kind of car you want beforehand.

Once you see your rates through the soft pull, you can choose an offer to move forward with. When you do, you’ll have a hard credit pull on your credit report, and your chosen online lender or credit union may ask for more information or documentation. If everything looks good after receiving information on any loose ends, your loan may get approved.

Documentation Needed

  • Driver’s license
  • Auto Insurance
  • Proof of Income, including pay stubs and tax returns
  • Proof of Residence, such as a utility bill or lease agreement
  • For auto refinancing loans, you’ll need a payoff letter

What Sets AutoPay Apart

AutoPay offers unique features that significantly enhance the loan process for borrowers. These specialized options are tailored to meet various needs, making the overall loan experience more beneficial and customized.

  • Co-signer option for improved loan terms: Utilizing a co-signer can be a game-changer, especially for those with weaker credit histories or lower incomes. A co-signer with a stronger credit profile can help secure more favorable loan terms, making this feature ideal for individuals rebuilding credit or those new to credit.
  • GAP insurance for added security: GAP insurance protects you from paying out of pocket for the difference between your car’s value and your loan balance if your car is totaled or stolen. This feature is particularly beneficial for new car buyers, offering financial protection against the rapid depreciation of new vehicles.
  • Soft credit check for pre-qualification: This feature allows you to explore loan options and possible rates without a hard inquiry on your credit report, preserving your credit score. It’s perfect for rate shopping, providing the freedom to compare offers without negative credit implications. A hard credit check is only done when you decide to proceed with an application.

These special features underscore AutoPay’s dedication to a flexible, customer-focused approach to auto financing. They provide enhanced options for those needing a co-signer, seeking additional financial security, or looking to explore rates without impacting their credit score. With these features, AutoPay positions itself as a comprehensive and considerate choice for various auto financing needs.

Bottom Line

AutoPay stands out as an exceptional choice for your auto financing needs. Its comprehensive suite of services, including options for refinancing, new and used car loans, and lease buyouts, caters to a wide array of financial circumstances. The platform’s ease of use simplifies the process of finding competitive rates, making it a preferred option for those seeking both convenience and value.

With AutoPay, you benefit from customized loan solutions, ensuring a match that resonates with your individual financial goals. The competitive rates offered, especially through collaborations with credit unions, can lead to substantial savings. Additionally, features like the co-signer option, GAP insurance, and the soft credit check for pre-qualification enhance the overall borrowing experience, offering flexibility and security.

AutoPay isn’t just about securing a loan; it’s about finding the right financial fit for your lifestyle and needs. Its blend of convenience, personalized options, and competitive rates positions it as a top contender in the auto loan market. If you’re considering an auto loan, AutoPay is certainly worth exploring for a solution that aligns with your financial journey.

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