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Home Warranty of America (HWA) was founded in 1996 and specializes in offering a wide range of warranty plans tailored for homebuyers and sellers. Compared to other companies, HWA plans provide extensive coverage at competitive prices.

Home Warranty of America

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HWA also provides numerous optional add-ons to further customize your coverage. Additionally, you have the freedom to select a plan based on the service fee, putting you in complete control of your expenses.

With coverage in all 50 states and various property types, Home Warranty of America is an excellent option for both homebuyers and sellers seeking to reduce home repair expenses and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a home warranty. If you’re looking for a reliable and comprehensive home warranty company, HWA should definitely be on your radar.

Comprehensive 13-Month Home Warranty Plans by HWA

Home Warranty of America offers a range of 13-month home warranty plans, each with varying trade call fees. While trade call fees start at $50, the fees also vary from state to state. Depending on the state, you may be able to select a plan based on the trade call fee amount. Plans with higher trade call fees cost less per month, and those with lower trade call fees are slightly more expensive per month.

You can easily view the available plans and their corresponding costs by visiting Home Warranty of America’s website. To get started, you’ll need to provide some basic information, such as the size and type of your home, as well as your zip code. With this information, you can quickly find the plan that best fits your needs and budget.

Premier Plan

The Premier Plan is HWA’s base plan. This plan includes the following coverage:

  • Heating system
  • Ductwork
  • Water heater
  • Clothes dryer
  • Clothes washer
  • Kitchen refrigerator with ice maker
  • Range/oven/cooktop
  • Built-in microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Garbage disposal
  • Trash compactor
  • Central vacuum
  • Electric system
  • Ceiling fan/exhaust fan
  • Burglar/fire alarm
  • Drywall
  • Doorbell
  • Garage door opener
  • Plumbing system
  • Instant hot water dispenser
  • Permanent sump pump
  • Stoppages/clogs
  • Whirlpool bath tub

Premier Plus Plan

By opting for the Premier Plus Plan, you’ll gain access to an unparalleled level of coverage that goes beyond what the Premier Plan provides. In addition to safeguarding all the same features and amenities as its predecessor, this top-of-the-line plan goes the extra mile by including comprehensive protection for air conditioning systems — even window units.

The Premier Plus Plan also delivers full-fledged coverage for two other critical household systems: dishwashers and garage doors. Not only will it cover the standard parts and components, but it extends to even the most intricate elements that are often overlooked, such as racks, baskets, rollers, and door seals.

Optional Coverage

In addition to the standard items included in the home warranty plans, you can also upgrade your plans to include any of the following optional coverage options:

  • Limited roof leak repair
  • Standalone ice maker
  • Pool/spa
  • Well pump
  • Salt water pool
  • Septic tank pumping
  • 2nd refrigerator, dishwasher, range/oven/cooktop
  • Standalone freezer
  • Septic system/sewage ejector pump/septic tank pump
  • Guest unit

With these optional coverage add-ons, you can tailor your warranty so that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the most essential and expensive parts of your home are covered. You can also explore Eco-friendly and GreenPlus options, which cover the cost of replacing Energy Star qualified products.

When you’re ready to get down to the details, view the HWA Buyer Plan Coverage Summary to see all the specifics and choose the plan that’s just right for you.

Home Warranty of America Reviews

Home Warranty of America is a home warranty provider that has received generally positive reviews from customers who have used their services. Many customers have praised the company for their efficient and responsive customer service, as well as for the knowledge and professionalism of their technicians.

HWA offers comprehensive coverage plans that customers appreciate, and they also allow for customization of coverage to meet individual needs. Although there are some negative reviews, they appear to be exceptions and are not representative of the overall positive experience that most HWA customers report.

For more Home Warranty of America reviews and information on other home warranty providers, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) can be a valuable resource. Checking reviews and ratings on the BBB website can provide insights into other customers’ experiences with these companies, helping to inform your decision about which home warranty provider to choose.

Exclusive Benefits of Choosing Home Warranty of America

Home Warranty of America makes getting home warranty coverage easy by not requiring inspections of homes or appliances, and there are no age restrictions on the items covered by the warranty. Plus, with HWA, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee, and if you sell your home, the warranty can be transferred to the new owner.

HWA is dedicated to providing prompt and efficient service when you need it most. You can count on them to schedule service technician appointments within 48 hours of your request. In the unlikely event that you haven’t heard back from the service provider within the first 24 hours, HWA will even provide the provider’s phone number so you can reach out directly.

HWA also offers a 30-day labor guarantee and a 90-day parts guarantee to ensure peace of mind. Furthermore, you can select a plan based on the service fee you’re comfortable with, and there are no deductibles or additional fees for covered items.

How to Get a Quote from Home Warranty of America

While you can see a summary of the plans available to you by using Home Warranty of America’s “shop” page, getting a customized quote will provide you with more detail. You can call the customer service department at 888-492-7359 to speak to an expert and get all the details of the plans available in your location. Alternatively, you can fill out a quote request online with just your basic contact information, and a representative will get in touch.

When you’re getting your quote, be prepared with some information to keep the process moving smoothly:

  • Property address
  • Property type
  • Square footage (Less than 2,500 square feet, 2,501-4,999 square feet, 5,000-7,499 square feet, 7,500-9,999 square feet, or over 10,000 square feet)

Is Home Warranty of America Right for You?

HWA offers home warranty coverage in all 50 states, making it a potential option, regardless of where you live. The home warranty company also provides coverage for condos, duplexes, fourplexes, mobile homes, new construction, single-family homes, and triplexes. It’s a versatile option that accommodates all sorts of building styles.

HWA offers coverage for sellers looking to minimize the costs involved in selling a house, as well as for buyers who want to protect themselves against unexpected expenses.

With HWA, the available warranty plans give you comprehensive coverage, including items that aren’t traditionally covered under warranties, like burglar alarms, drywall, and doorbells. The ability to choose the plan with the trade call fee that you prefer is another benefit, since you can decide whether saving on-call fees or saving on your monthly payments is more important. You can file a claim online or over the phone, and HWA is available 24/7, 365 days per year.

Many reviews praise HWA for prompt service, but be sure to take an active role in scheduling and following up on your service. If you’re looking for a company that offers lower-cost warranties that still provide plenty of coverage, HWA may offer an affordable solution.

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