How to Remove CREDCO From Your Credit Report

Is CREDCO hurting your credit score?

Lexington Law Firm has successfully assisted millions of clients in removing inaccurate and questionable credit inquiries from their credit reports.

What is CoreLogic Credco?

CoreLogic Credco is a subsidiary of CoreLogic, a leading provider of merged credit reporting services, identity verification products, and compliance solutions. When lenders require credit information from all three national credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion), they can use CoreLogic Credco as a single source for that information.

CoreLogic Credco’s services are used across various industries, including mortgage lending, auto loans, lines of credit, and tenant screening.

Why is CoreLogic Credco on your credit report?

There are several reasons why CoreLogic Credco might appear on your credit report:

Applying for credit

If you applied for a mortgage, or other types of credit that triggered a hard inquiry, CoreLogic Credco might appear on your credit report. As a go-between for some mortgage lenders and your credit information, you may not have been aware that CoreLogic Credco provided the inquiry for a lender until you see it on your credit report.

Prequalifying for credit

CoreLogic Credco also performs soft inquiries for prequalification purposes. If you have been prequalified for a mortgage, auto loan, or another type of credit, CREDCO may appear on your credit report for that soft inquiry.

Refinancing an auto loan

When you refinance your vehicle, your lender has to perform a hard inquiry, and CoreLogic Credco may have pulled your credit on behalf of your lender.

Applying for rental housing

CoreLogic Credco offers tenant screening services for landlords. If you applied for an apartment or other rental accommodations, the landlord may have used CoreLogic Credco to pull a tenant screening for a background check on you.

Undergoing credit counseling

Getting credit counseling services that utilize CoreLogic Credco’s Instant Merge SoftTouch credit report will cause CoreLogic Credco to show up on your report. This is considered a soft inquiry and does not impact your credit score.

Identity theft or fraud

If you are a victim of identity theft or fraud, and you’ve never applied for new credit using a CoreLogic Credco report, it’s possible someone opened a credit account in your name.

Is CoreLogic Credco a legitimate company?

CoreLogic Credco is a legitimate consumer credit reporting agency that resells your credit information as three-bureau merged credit reports to lenders. Following the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), CoreLogic Credco discloses your information only to lenders you have authorized to view your information for lending purposes.

How long do hard inquiries stay on your credit report?

Whether you get approved for the mortgage makes no difference. The CREDCO hard inquiry will remain on your credit report for up to 2 years. Each time you make an inquiry, it is recorded by one or all of the three major credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Can I remove CoreLogic Credco from my credit report?

You can only remove CoreLogic Credco from your credit reports if the information is inaccurate. Unless CoreLogic Credco made a mistake or you can prove someone committed identity theft against you, you cannot have the item removed from your consumer report. All other items, such as hard and soft inquiries due to applications for lines of credit or counseling services, typically cannot be removed.

Dealing with Unauthorized Inquiries

In some cases, you may notice unauthorized inquiries on your credit reports. It’s essential to address these inquiries promptly to protect your credit score and prevent potential identity theft.

If you find an unauthorized inquiry, reach out to CoreLogic Credco with the contact information provided below. They will help you determine the source of the Credco inquiry and guide you on how to dispute it if necessary.

CoreLogic Credco Contact Information

Mailing address:

Credco Consumer Services Department
P.O. Box 509124
San Diego, CA 92150

Phone number: (877) 532-8778

Addressing CREDCO and Other Hard Inquiries with Expert Assistance

Lexington Law is a renowned firm specializing in the removal of CoreLogic Credco inquiries and other negative items from your credit report. With over 18 years of experience under their belt, they have successfully achieved more than 6 million removals for their clients in 2021 alone.

Their expertise extends to disputing and potentially removing the following items:

  • late payments
  • collections
  • charge offs
  • foreclosures
  • repossessions
  • bankruptcies

Taking Steps to Remove Inquiries Today

If you’re in search of a reliable credit repair company to help you improve your credit history, Lexington Law is a top choice worth considering.

Their team of experts has assisted numerous individuals facing similar situations. To find out what Lexington Law can do for you, visit their website and complete the free credit consultation form to get started on your credit repair journey.

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