How to Remove Avantus LLC From Your Credit Report


Is Avantus LLC hurting your credit score?

Credit Saint has successfully assisted countless clients in removing inaccurate and questionable credit inquiries from their credit reports.

What is Avantus LLC?

Avantus LLC is a business-to-business credit reporting agency that specializes in providing customized mortgage credit reports to various financial institutions, including originators, credit unions, banks, and lenders.

As part of their service offerings, Avantus also provides soft credit checks, two-factor authentication, tenant screening, Verification of Employment (VOE), Social Security number verification (SSNV), and tax return verifications.

How Avantus LLC Affects Your Credit Report

If you see Avantus LLC on your credit report as a hard inquiry, it’s likely because you recently applied for a mortgage. However, Avantus provides other services beyond mortgage credit reporting, which may also result in a hard or soft inquiry on your credit report.

Differentiating Between Hard and Soft Inquiries

Hard Inquiries

A hard inquiry occurs when a lender or creditor checks your credit as part of the decision-making process for new credit. Examples include mortgage, apartment, car loan, credit card, insurance policy, cell phone, and sometimes even job applications.

While hard inquiries typically only drop your credit score by a few points, having too many within a short period can significantly impact your credit score.

Soft Inquiries

Soft inquiries, on the other hand, usually occur when a company checks your credit history for background checks, prequalification offers, or when an existing creditor monitors your current credit situation. Soft inquiries do not affect your credit scores.

How long do hard inquiries stay on your credit report?

Regardless of whether your mortgage application is approved, the hard inquiry from Avantus LLC will remain on your credit report for up to two years. Each inquiry is recorded by one or all three major credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Addressing Unauthorized Inquiries on Your Credit Report

It’s crucial to regularly review your credit report for unauthorized inquiries or inaccuracies. If you find an unfamiliar inquiry from Avantus LLC or believe that it was made without your permission, contact the company to investigate the issue. You might be a victim of identity theft. The creditor’s name should be listed under the hard inquiry section on your credit report.

Avantus LLC Contact Information


Avantus LLC
70 Jefferson Blvd 4th Floor
Warwick, RI 02888

Phone number: (800) 243-0120

Removing Avantus LLC Inquiries from Your Credit Report

If an inquiry or other negative mark on your credit report from Avantus LLC is inaccurate or unauthorized, consider seeking professional assistance from credit repair companies like Credit Saint.

They can help you dispute and potentially remove inaccurate negative items from your credit reports, including inquiries, late payments, collections, charge-offs, foreclosures, repossessions, and bankruptcies.

Taking Action to Improve Your Credit

Proactively managing your credit and ensuring the accuracy of your credit report are essential steps toward financial stability. If you’re struggling with bad credit and want to learn more about your options, consider a free credit consultation with Credit Saint.

Visit their website and fill out the form to find out how they can help you improve your credit and secure a better financial future.

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