How to Remove LEXISNEXIS/INS/P&C From Your Credit Report

Is LEXISNEXIS/INS/P&C hurting your credit score?

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LEXISNEXIS/INS/P&C is an abbreviation for LexisNexis/Insurance/Property & Casualty. It may appear on your credit report as a hard inquiry, typically when you apply for insurance coverage.

LexisNexis is a consumer reporting agency that provides data solutions to businesses and governments, aiding them in predicting and managing risk.

What does LexisNexis do?

LexisNexis caters to a wide range of clients, including banks, financial institutions, insurance carriers, healthcare providers, government agencies, law enforcement agencies, and non-profit organizations. By offering data solutions, they help these clients make informed decisions and better manage potential risks.

Hard Inquiries vs. Soft Inquiries: Know the Difference

Hard Inquiries

A hard inquiry occurs when a lender or creditor checks your credit as part of an application process for new credit. This can be for various types of credit applications, such as mortgages, loans, credit cards, and insurance policies. While hard inquiries may only drop your credit score by a few points, having too many in a short period can negatively impact your credit score.

Soft Inquiries

Soft inquiries, on the other hand, typically happen when a company checks your credit history for a background check, or when a lender or credit card issuer prequalifies you for an offer. These inquiries don’t affect your credit scores and are not visible to other potential creditors.

How long do hard inquiries stay on your credit report?

Regardless of whether your application is approved, a hard inquiry from LexisNexis will stay on your credit report for up to two years. These inquiries are recorded by one or more of the three major credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Dealing with Unauthorized Inquiries

If you see an unfamiliar inquiry on your credit report, or if you’re certain you didn’t initiate the inquiry, contact LexisNexis and ask for an explanation. The creditor’s name should be listed under the hard inquiry section of your credit report.

LexisNexis Contact Information


230 Park Ave., 7th Fl.
New York, NY 10169

Phone number: (800) 543-6862

Removing LEXISNEXIS/INS/P&C from Your Credit Report

If you need assistance in removing inquiries or other negative marks on your credit report, consider reaching out to Lexington Law. With over 18 years of experience, they achieved more than 6 million removals for their clients in 2021 alone.

They can help you dispute and possibly remove various negative items, such as late payments, collections, charge-offs, foreclosures, repossessions, and bankruptcies.

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