Cavalry Portfolio Services

Is Cavalry Portfolio Services hurting your credit score?

Lexington Law has helped millions of customers remove collections and other negative items from their credit reports. Let them help you too!

Who is Cavalry Portfolio Services?

Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC is a debt collection agency and debt buyer located in Valhalla, New York. They also have locations in Phoenix, Arizona; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and St. Paul, Minnesota.

Cavalry Portfolio Services may show up on your credit report as “Cavalry SPV I LLC“. They are one of the largest buyers of distressed debt in the United States. Cavalry Portfolio Services buys debt collection portfolios for pennies on the dollar. They also collect for banks like Bank of America, Chase, and CitiBank.

Removing Cavalry Portfolio Services Collections from Your Credit Report

Cavalry Portfolio Services collections can hurt your credit score and remain on your credit report for up to 7 years regardless of whether you pay it or not. Unfortunately, paying the collection could even lower your credit score.

However, it is possible to have it removed before 7 years, and you may not even have to pay it.

(Debt collectors prefer that we didn’t tell you this, but it’s something you should know.)

Lexington Law is a credit repair company that helps people fix their credit. You may not even have to pay any of the debts on your credit report.

In addition to collections, Lexington Law will help you challenge (and possibly remove) other inaccurate information from your credit report. These items include inquiries, late payments, charge-offs, foreclosures, repossessions, judgments, tax liens, and bankruptcies.

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Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC Contact Information


Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC
500 Summit Lake Drive, Suite 400
Valhalla, NY 10595


Phone number: (866) 483-5139

Should I contact or pay Cavalry Portfolio Services?

Nothing good can come from contacting a collection agency. And making payments on the collection account will reset the clock. So not only will it not help your credit, but it could actually make it worse.

The best way to go about handling this is to contact a professional credit repair service. They have deleted millions of negative items from companies like Cavalry Portfolio Services for millions of clients nationwide.

And they can help you too.

Will Cavalry Portfolio Services sue me or garnish my wages?

It’s possible, but if you work with a law firm like Lexington Law, you have nothing to worry about. They will help you dispute the collection account and possibly get it removed from your credit report. It’s also quite possible that you may never hear from or have to deal with Cavalry Portfolio Services again.

Call Lexington Law to learn how they can help you avoid lawsuits and remove negative items from your credit report that will significantly improve your credit scores.

Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC Complaints

Most collection agencies have numerous complaints filed against them with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Most complaints are about inaccurate reporting, harassment, or failure to verify a debt. If you find yourself facing any of these situations with a debt collection agency, you should also consider filing a complaint.

You have many consumer rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Lexington Law knows that you have rights, and Cavalry Portfolio Services does too.

Have you been contacted by Cavalry claiming that you owe them money?

Cavalry Portfolio Services purchases debt from credit card companies, payday loan companies, car title loan companies, auto finance companies, utility companies, and telecommunication companies.

If you’ve had significant outstanding debt from any of these types of creditors, they may have sold off your account to a debt collection agency like Cavalry.

Once a debt collector owns your debt, they report it to the credit reporting agencies. They’ll also likely start calling you and sending you aggressive collections letters. They may even threaten to sue you, which can lead to serious legal proceedings.

Your Rights Under the FDCPA

It’s important that you know your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and your state’s statute of limitations.

The FDCPA provides for a number of consumer rights and you can report any agency, including Cavalry, that doesn’t abide by the law.

They may not harass or abuse you, provide any false or misleading representation, or use unfair practices. That means they can’t call you outside of certain hours or act like they’re going to sue you when they really have no intention of doing so.

Familiarize yourself with the law so that you can recognize when you’re being taken advantage of. Debt collection agencies like Cavalry are counting on your ignorance so they can get away with more. Don’t let them!

How to Deal with Cavalry Portfolio Services

There are a number of ways to deal with Cavalry. If you have a reason to believe that the debt is expired and you are being contacted about an old account, send them an Expired SOL Notification letter.

This lets them know that they are dealing with an informed consumer and that threatening to sue you for the money owed won’t work. It may help ease them off your back for a while.

If the debt has not expired and you believe that you do indeed owe Cavalry money, you should first ask for debt validation. You can do so by sending them a debt validation letter. In the event they refuse to validate the debt, you have to seek legal recourse through the State Attorney General.

If you have sent a debt validation letter and Cavalry Portfolio Services continues to contact you about the debt before they respond to the verification request, it is a clear sign they are violating the law.

Cavalry Portfolio Services likely isn’t going to listen unless you bring government authorities into the mix. In addition to your state’s attorney general, you can also report them to the FTC.

Can Cavalry Portfolio Services collections be removed from my credit report?

Lexington Law specializes in disputing Cavalry Portfolio Services collection accounts. They have over 28 years of experience and have removed over 10 million negative items for their clients in 2018 alone.

Get Your Collections Removed Today!

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