Allied Interstate

It’s likely you’re reading this article because you or someone you love is being contacted by Allied Interstate, LLC concerning some type of debt collection.

Find out what kind of company they are, and what you need to know to protect yourself because despite what they project, you have legal rights.

There are ways to get debt collectors off your back and restore your credit history. Start reading to get your finances and credit back on track today.

Is Allied Interstate on Your Credit Report?

Any account that is sent to a collection agency becomes a negative mark on your credit report. If you have been receiving calls from them, your credit is probably in a state of decline and is accumulating negative elements that will remain for seven years.

This isn’t the best of news because having bad credit raises the interest you pay on credit cards and loans. It also limits the amount of money banks are willing to lend you in the first place.

If your future goals involve buying a large house or a nice new car, you may have to table those ambitions for a span if your credit is subpar.

You may still get the line of credit, but the interest rates may be too high to justify the purchase. And, worst-case scenario: You may not even get approved for the loan in the first place.

However, it is possible to get negative marks eliminated from your credit history before seven years, and it is in your best interest to do so as soon as possible. Find out below how you can get collections removed from your credit report legally and permanently.

Who is Allied Interstate?

Allied Interstate, LLC is a debt collection agency located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are known to be excessively aggressive when collecting on debts.

They are hired and paid by corporations to collect debts on their behalf. Of course, they call debtors continuously. It’s the only way they make money.

Their margins revolve around how much they can coerce out of you in as short an amount of time as possible so that they can please (and get paid by) their client. That’s why they call you again and again.

Some people dealing with them have reported being called as often as ten times a day. Of course, there are regulations from the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) that are supposed to prevent them from doing so, but it appears to be an acceptable risk to them.

According to the FTC, they paid $1.75 million in 2010 for unethical debt collection practices from 2006 to at least 2008.

This is significant because it is the single largest fine any collection agency has ever paid for violating the FDCPA. Unfortunately, $1.75 million was, once again, pocket change to them and probably just considered the cost of doing business.

worried woman

Who do they collect for?

They purchase debt from student loan companies like Sallie Mae and other companies like eBay, Fingerhut, Providian, Capital One, J.C. Penney, DirecTV, etc.

Maybe you lost your job and got behind on a few bills, and DirecTV was one of the non-necessities you had to let go. A couple of months went by and DirectTV cut off your service, and for a while, they were calling you. After 180 days, though, your debt was sold to Allied Interstate.

If you had glanced at the number on your phone, you would have noticed the number calling was no longer the same as DirectTV’s.

Whereas DirectTV probably sent you an email and a few letters, with also automated machines calling to remind you to pay every other day, Allied Interstate was a different creature entirely.

How do they attempt to collect?

They are infamous for calling friends, relatives, and even co-workers in desperate attempts to locate debtors.

Can you imagine the embarrassment of having someone you know getting a collection call looking for you? You’d probably rather not have everyone know you were going through some hard times.

Once they locate you, though, the real fun begins. Incessant phone calls, aggressive letters, message after message left in your inbox.

Also, if they are incorrect that you owe money, expect to experience weeks and weeks of them continuously calling while they ‘process’ your request to be removed from their call list.

They are determined, aggressive, and unyielding in all of their attempts to extract money from debtors.

How To Contact Allied Interstate


Allied Interstate LLC
P.O. Box 19312
Minneapolis, MN 55419

Mail is the best way to communicate with them because this way you can keep physical documents of all correspondence and get return receipts that they received your letter. Be sure to scan or print another copy of any mail you send, too, just to cover all your bases.

Phone number: (800) 811-4214

If all lines are busy, and you choose to leave a message, they claim they’ll return your message within 48 hours. If you manage to reach someone, get the names of everyone with whom you speak and their rep numbers, too.

Always keep track of all communications, and be sure to write down the date and time you spoke with everyone as well. You may need that information later.


They also have a complaint form on their website. Perhaps it’s in response to their fine from 2010, or maybe they are trying to change their ways. There hasn’t been much of a response to it online, so set any expectations low and be pleasantly surprised if something comes of it.

How does the FDCPA protect you against debt collectors?

Don’t let Allied Interstate fool you into thinking that just because you owe a few bucks it can do anything it wants.

Before anything else, you may want to write them a debt validation letter. Even if you know you owe the money, get the validation letter because they may not be seeking the correct amount.

Collection agencies, per the FDCPA, have rules of conduct that they must follow or risk massive fines. Learn them and memorize them. They are as follows:

Debt collectors —

  1. May not call before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. unless a prior arrangement has been made with the debtor.
  2. May not call numerous times a day.
  3. May not call an office of employment if the debtor requests that they cease. If the debtor puts in a request in writing that they stop calling his or her home, they must also honor that request.
  4. May not disclose any debt to friends, relatives, or associates when attempting to locate the debtor. When a friend, relative, or associate is called, they may only be contacted once.
  5. May not verbally abuse debtors.
  6. May not threaten debtors with bodily harm or arrest.
  7. May not threaten to sue debtors unless they truly intend to take the person to court.
  8. May not collect a debt larger than what is owed.

Due to sloppy record-keeping and training, they routinely break these rules. Keep profuse notes on any communications you have with them, and keep track of every time you believe they’ve violated a rule.

How To Get Allied Interstate Deleted from Your Credit Report

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