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March 2017 Update: NCO Financial Systems is now EGS Financial Care, Inc. aka Expert Global Solutions

Do You Have NCO Financial Collections on Your Credit Report?

NCO Financial Systems is a debt collection agency located in Pennsylvania. Their parent company is Transworld Systems, Inc.

Their methods have been shown to hara ss consumers and they can even negatively affect your credit for several years. They are one of the most notoriously poor debt collectors out there. One website alone lists almost 200 complaints against NCO.

Did NCO Try to Contact You Recently?

If you have had the misfortune of being pursued by NCO Financial, you are probably looking for a way to make them just go away.

Nobody likes hearing from a debt collector and NCO has proven to be one of the more aggressive in the country. Regardless of how old your debt is, they will still try to find out where you are to collect the debt that they believe is owed to them.

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NCO has been known to pursue debts as much as 15 years old! They will also pursue you for debt that has never belonged to you. Below we have listed several additional practices they are known for.

Poor Practices

NCO will sometimes use automated messages to contact you. They load your name and phone number into an auto-dialer and call you daily, and sometimes more than once a day.

Many people have been called twice-a-day for long periods of time, and some have been contacted as many as five times per day.

NCO does not provide a number where you can reach them and they appear on your caller ID as “unknown.” In instances where you do speak to a live person, NCO has a reputation for poor customer service and rude treatment of consumers.

Do not allow collection agencies like NCO Financial to violate your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). If you want to take a stand against them, keep reading; you have options.

Make Them Prove It!

NCO assumes you are guilty. There can be many reasons why accounts are sent to a collections agency. Sure, sometimes it can be because they have unpaid debt. However, another issue is these companies mess up all the time. They make clerical errors and can assign debt to the wrong people.

Individuals have reported being falsely contacted by NCO numerous times. If you are getting harassed by NCO Financial Systems Inc., it does not necessarily mean you are in the wrong. You can place the burden of proof on them by requesting a debt validation letter.

How to Contact NCO Financial Systems Inc.


507 Prudential Rd
Horsham, PA 19044-2308

Phone number: (215)-441-3000

Fax: (215)-441-3923

A Real Life Success Story from One of Our Readers

Hopefully, you have never had to go through something similar to what I went through – the nightmare of bad credit. However, I know many people have had to go through their own personal credit crisis. I hope my story can help some of those people find a way out.

I lost my job a couple of years ago and got way behind on my bills because of it. I started getting collection calls from different companies and finally decided that I needed to file for bankruptcy.

After my bankruptcy, I couldn’t get lending for anything. I couldn’t get a car loan or mortgage. I couldn’t even qualify for a credit card anymore.

I was able to get a good job after about six months of unemployment and started paying all of my bills on time, but by then the damage had been done. All of my friends were buying nice cars and new condos after finishing school. I was stuck with my old beater car because I couldn’t qualify for a loan.

How I Got Help Fixing My Credit

One of my friends suggested I give Lexington Law a try. He said they had removed several items from his credit reports and it improved his credit dramatically. He was excited that he found credit repair lawyers.

How I Took Control of My Credit Score

I gave them a call and they quickly helped get a couple of things removed from my credit report, even though I had filed for bankruptcy. After a quick and easy application process, my credit got much better.

NCO Financial Removed Debt Collection from My Credit Report:

Removed from credit report

Removed from TransUnion

My credit scores have dramatically improved since there are no longer any negative accounts on my credit report. This is what they look like now:

my scores

What Others Are Saying

“I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first, but after seeing what you were able to do with my credit after only a few months, it is very reassuring. Thank you for everything that you are doing for me and please pass on to your staff my appreciation for all of their hard work.”

— T.B., Lexington client

“Thank you for your service. I have had great results from the work you have done on my behalf. I had been warned not to use any credit repair company, but after some research, I decided to give Lexington a try.

The results have been better than expected. Several items have been deleted from my credit report and more importantly, my credit score has dramatically improved. I was recently approved for ‘best rate financing on a new car and a home construction loan. Thanks.”

— B.K., Lexington client

Discount for Family Members, Couples, and Active Military!

They are now offering $50 off the initial set-up fee when you and your spouse or family members sign up together. The one-time $50.00 discount will be automatically applied to both you and your spouse’s first payment.

Active military members also qualify for a one-time $50 discount off the initial fee.

Get NCO Financial Removed from Your Credit Report Now!

If you’re sick of having bad credit, let the professionals take care of it for you. They can delete all kinds of negative items from your credit reports, including bankruptcies, foreclosures, repossessions, charge offs, tax liens, collections, and more.

Since 1991, Lexington Law has provided professional credit repair services and professional support to hundreds of thousands of people. You owe it to yourself to at least check them out!

Want to Remove NCO Financial from Your Credit Report?

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