Palisades Collection LLC

Collection accounts are a major negative mark that can lower your credit score significantly. In fact, the higher your credit score, the more it will drop when a collection account is added to your credit report. For this reason, getting rid of inaccurate collection accounts should be a top priority to repair your credit.

Based in New Jersey, Palisades Collection LLC aka ASTA Funding is a major third-party debt collector in the United States.

They are a junk debt buyer that buys up old debt from banks, credit card companies, cell phone companies, hospitals, and doctors, for pennies on the dollar. They have a history of unscrupulous debt collection practices, which means it’s up to you as a consumer to get the facts and then take appropriate action.

However, just because you have a collection account from them on your credit doesn’t necessarily mean that you owe any money.

Is Palisades Collection showing up on your credit report?

Palisades is most often associated with unpaid AT&T wireless accounts, though they may also buy other types of unsecured debt such as credit cards.

If you have collections, double-check to be sure that these are the only collections that you have. Often, third-party debt buyers will buy and sell debt from one another, so you may have the same debt listed more than once under different debt collectors.

If that is the case, you need to request debt validation and proof that they are the one who currently holds the debt, as they may try to collect on the same debt more than once, even if you don’t actually owe your creditors anything.

This is particularly true when the debt is past the statute of limitations (also called time-barred debt) but still within the reporting limit. When this occurs, debt collectors can’t legally sue you to obtain payment. However, the debt can still be listed on your credit reports – which means it’s still damaging your ability to get the credit you deserve.

The Truth about Palisades Collection

First, don’t trust them to have done their due diligence when it comes to verifying your debt. In the past few years, there have been multiple lawsuits charging them with violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

These violations include suing people and not properly serving the papers necessary, as well as continuing to pursue debt collection from people who did not owe any money at all.

Many people are never notified of the lawsuits against them so they don’t show up for court which results in a default judgment.

A judgment on your credit report is also very damaging to your credit. They have obtained default judgments totaling millions of dollars from people who never even knew they were being sued.

Considering their less-than-stellar business practices, be very careful about dealing with this company to resolve matters in your favor.

Second, given their record of poor data collection and pursuing time-barred debt through lawsuits, it is important to keep meticulous records when dealing with Palisades Collection. Having reliable documentation can improve your chances of successfully challenging collections on your credit file.

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What should I do if Palisades is contacting me?

Because it has been well-documented that this company is willing to take people to court over any kind of debt, it’s important not to ignore any contact from them. Instead of talking on the phone, we strongly recommend handling everything in writing in order to establish a paper trail.

Here are the steps we recommend you take:

  • Request debt validation – oftentimes, they have poor or incomplete records, and you may be able to stop further harassment just by asserting your rights.
  • Get it all in writing – immediately request that they cease contact over the phone and instead contact you in writing. Then mail a written request stating the same. Use delivery confirmation so that you can prove when they got the letter.
  • Check your credit reports – you may find one or more duplicate items that you will need to dispute.
  • Double-check to be sure that the dates on any items listed are accurate. If your debts are past the credit reporting limit, they must be removed from your credit file. If they are past the statute of limitations, Palisades cannot legally sue you to recover the debt.
  • If you’ve done all these things and the collection account remains on your credit, it may be time to negotiate a pay for delete or some other agreement that will improve your credit scores.
  • Never attempt to negotiate with them on your own. Get the advice of a competent attorney or credit repair specialist.

How do I contact Palisades Collection LLC?

We recommend only contacting them through the mail. This makes sure that you have a record of all communications to protect yourself.


210 Sylvan Avenue #1
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632


Phone number: (800) 991-9367 or (201) 567-5648

When you write or call them, be sure to reference your account number specifically. If you call them on the phone, make a record of who you spoke to, and what was said. Then, follow up with written correspondence confirming any agreement. Do NOT rely on verbal agreements when contacting them.

How do I get Palisades Collection removed from my credit report?

The best way to get collections removed from your credit report is to request a debt validation and follow up with a dispute to the credit bureaus for any inaccurate entries.

If you have multiple collections from them, you will need to request debt verification for each one separately. You will also need to dispute the items with each credit bureau separately.

It can quickly become complicated to keep track of the timelines involved with disputing and removing collection items. And for many people, the stress of dealing with creditors and debt collectors can be too much when piled on top of home and work obligations.

Professional and reliable credit repair companies alleviate the stress by handling the entire process of disputing and removing negative items from your credit. This means that they handle writing the dispute letters, contacting your creditors, and keeping track of all the legal deadlines involved.

By working on your behalf, these companies make it simple for you to remove negative items without having to learn all the ins and outs of the FDCPA. Your rights are protected from day one, and you get real results without having to interrupt your day-to-day life.

Get Palisades Collection Removed Now!

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Don’t let collections ruin your good credit – you have the right to an error-free credit history that accurately reflects your creditworthiness.

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