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Is RJM Acquisitions Hurting Your Credit Score?

A collection account from RJM Acquisitions LLC can remain on your credit report for up to 7 years from the date of original delinquency.

Many people come to our site with questions about why a particular company has shown up on their credit report. In your case, it might be because an original creditor has sold your debt to a collection agency called RJM Acquisitions. If they are pursuing you for a third-party debt, you are probably dealing with one of the issues they are well known for.

RJM Acquisitions Reports False Collections

RJM may report an account to the credit bureaus on a debt you don’t owe. They often buy debt from original creditors in bulk and don’t keep accurate paperwork of which person is tied to what debt.

Additionally, chances are you aren’t the only person in the United States with your name. They might be trying to collect from the wrong person, but at the end of the day, they don’t really care who they get the money from.

Most debt collectors are not interested in working with a consumer unless it results in them getting paid money. They won’t want to help you with cases of mistaken identity because it takes man-hours away from what adds to the bottom line. You will have to use the law to force them to address the issue. One way to do that is by sending them a debt validation letter.

Up-selling Secured Credit Cards

RJM is particularly classy because they have partnered with Chase Bank to offer those with bad credit a secured credit card. This is troublesome because they may be the reason you have bad credit in the first place due to information they added to your credit report which is incomplete, inaccurate, or misleading.

Can you imagine a robber selling your own wallet back to you?

Secured credit cards are a great tool for people trying to establish a positive line of credit after a history of missing their bills. However, you should never get a secured credit card offered by a collection agency. There are probably a lot of hidden fees. Also, any information a debt collector collects about you, in this case, they can be used against you to collect the debt.

Never give out information to a collection agency, they will use the information to make your life more miserable even if you don’t really owe the debt they are trying to collect.

RJM and Identity Theft

Cases have been reported where RJM provided inaccurate case file information to Chase Bank, making those consumers vulnerable to identity theft. Once a mistake happens in the credit system, there is no profit incentive for anyone to correct the mistake.

For example, if a file belonging to someone else gets tied to you, it means the information they sell to a third-party partner will also be inaccurate. What if a bank mailed someone an offer that was tied to your social security number? This is an open invitation for someone else to steal your identity.

upset woman on phone

Telephone Harassment

RJM Acquisitions uses the tactic of frequently calling consumers unpaid debt on the telephone. If they call during hours that are deemed by law to be considered a nuisance, you may have recourse under the debt collection laws to seek damages.

If you have already paid the debt to the original creditor or the collection debt isn’t yours and you tell them, calls still may not stop until you get informed about your credit rights under the law.

No matter what you say on the phone, they may not believe you and they probably don’t care. Fear of court action may mean that you end up paying them because you don’t know anything about the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and you just want the threats to stop.

How to Contact RJM Acquisitions


575 Underhill Blvd., Suite 224
Syosset, NY 11791-3416

Phone number: (800) 541-0824 or (516)-714-1300 or (516)-714-1304

Hope For Better Credit

I have had some troubling financial times in the past. I found myself unemployed after my employer went under due to the downturn in the economy. My financial obligations started to stack up, and I was not able to pay even the minimum monthly payment on my credit cards. I watched helplessly as one after the other of my credit card balances fell into delinquency.

My credit card accounts got sold to the third-party debt collection agencies and before I knew it, I was getting collection calls non-stop.

I spent my day avoiding calls from numbers I didn’t recognize because of an endless stream of harassing phone calls. With nowhere to turn, I met with a bankruptcy lawyer and decided bankruptcy was my best option. It helped out my debt situation, but I had no idea the damage I was doing to my credit score and how long it would take to get out of this mess.

For a long time, I felt like a second-class citizen because of my bad credit. I had no idea how important having good credit was until I didn’t have it anymore. I couldn’t get a loan to save my life.

Even when things started to pick back up for me financially, I couldn’t get approved for a home or auto loan. My credit score was too poor for a bank to give me the time of day. The constant rejection was a source of embarrassment.

Help From A Credit Repair Company

I heard about Lexington Law Firm from a friend that had had success with getting negative items removed from their credit report. The excitement about his improving credit score was contagious. I was skeptical at first, but after seeing what they did for him, I knew I had to give them a try. So, I got online and looked them up.

I Signed Up

I called 1 (800) 220-0084 and spoke to a credit professional who was very friendly and understanding of my situation. She was also very knowledgeable. So, I went ahead and signed up. Boy, am I glad I did! After about 3 weeks, I started receiving letters from the credit bureaus stating the negative accounts had been removed from my credit reports! (See below.)

Collections Removed from My Credit Report:

collections removed

My credit scores have dramatically improved since there are no longer any negative accounts on my credit report. Here’s a snap shot of my new credit scores:

What Others Are Saying

I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first, but after seeing what you were able to do with my credit after only a few months, it is very reassuring. Thank you for everything that you are doing for me and please pass on to your staff my appreciation for all of their hard work.”

— T.B., Lexington client

“My experience with the Lexington Law Firm has been wonderful from beginning to end and the results you achieved are remarkable. It is also noteworthy, that the fee I paid for such superior professional service must be one of the truly great bargains of all time. My warmest best wishes to you all.”

— R.S., Lexington client

If you’re sick of having bad credit, let the professionals take care of it for you. They can delete all kinds of negative items from your credit reports, including bankruptcies, foreclosures, repossessions, charge-offs, tax liens, collections, and more.

Since 1991, Lexington Law has provided professional credit repair services and experienced support to hundreds of thousands of people. You owe it to yourself to at least check them out!

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